Cool Home Or Not Really

The featured one that wants over 2M for it… I am leaning towards not really…

The Sea Cliff house > two penthouses, but the fact that it’s right next to the water turns me off.

OMG, really? The closeness to the water is what makes it killer. If money were not an issue, this would have to be one of my favorite homes reported on in SF. The views are endless from every spot on the home. This would be way, way better than any luxury penthouse condo in SOMA. And no HOA!!!

I don’t like my house next to any water. I think the fact that it has a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge is what makes this one a killer, not the closeness to water. If closeness to water drives up prices, why are houses on the Great Highway lagging?

Well, let’s be honest, way out here in the outer Sunset it is darn cold. That part of SF is going to be cold too a lot but can be quite gorgeous say now in October when we get our indian summer weather. The salt air also eats at the homes by Great Highway thus makes things not look as pretty in a matter of a few years even if remodeled. I am in Central Sunset and even get impacted from the salt air. To hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore would be romantic, no?


Uh…no thanks. If I want romantic scenery I’d go to Bora Bora…

Geez, you’re tough. And I thought you were going to be the first reasonable millennial (an oxymoron). I guess not…:slight_smile: