Cops Living In RV’s Outside San Jose Police Department

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — At least a dozen officers are living in RV’s in the parking lot right near the San Jose Police Department’s headquarters.

Mandatory overtime forces them to work up to 17-hour days. Combine those long hours with horrendous traffic, and commutes from as far away as Manteca, Stockton, Tracy and even Reno, these officers are staying in an RV during the week and then driving home on their days off.

This article is meant to be inflammatory about the compensation of these officers, or lack there-of as well as the high cost of housing in San Jose.

Cry me a river!

What jobs offer such accommodations that one can live in Manteca or Stockton and park an RV in the parking lot at work? Maybe they do it for the retirement?

The bloom is starting to come off the safety worker rose or, at least people are beginning to take notice of the unsustainable, defined benefit plans including health care for life. San Jose was the epicenter of the move for cities to address this. Other cities have not followed suit and this has allowed the POA to keep harping that “they can’t find anyone to fill the jobs because they can get more elsewhere”.

The public needs to start pressuring the state legislature to act on behalf of all of us in the realm of public employee pensions. We need to move away from defined benefit plans in the public sector, starting with the really out of control ones like the safety workers have. I probably don’t have to tell you how good the “cheifs” have it. And, what’s good for the goose…

Don’t even get me started on the “disability” angle.

And, it’s partially tax exempt.

I have a cousin who, after seven years as a patrol officer took disability retirement due to a 'bad back" and has never held a productive job since. He was in his early thirties.

Why work for a living?

What happens to RE values when a city goes bankrupt? Let’s ask Vallejo and Stockton!

SJ has a ballot measure this fall on giving the cops more money? I don’t know much about it. What do you guys think @sheriff and @marcus335? @hanera lives in SJ too, right? We have pretty big representation from the city.

I don’t live in SJ.

Google? Didn’t we have a thread about some guy parking his truck in Google’s lot and using their facilities to shower? And there was some comment about a homeless woman techie and him getting together for a bigger place?

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I haven’t looked at it yet. I do know staffing levels are below target. A lot of cops left for other departments when budgets were cut a few years ago. It takes almost 4 years to have a fully trained officer between interviews, background checks, police academy, and 2 years FTO. Only a tiny percent of applicants make it to start the academy. Then there’s more attrition in the academy and FTO

Only a tiny percent of applicants make it to start the academy.

Yes. And they get hundreds of applicants for every opening. Probably as many as Apple. There might be a reason.

Police and fire departments have created an exclusive “club” and of course, it’s all for our own good. :slight_smile:

Their hiring practices have been heavily criticized for a while. Their model needs to change.

One aspect of my work brings me into contact with a lot of the higher ups in police and fire departments across the Bay Area. It’s a bit intimidating when you are in a large group of them how macho and brash they are. More like military brass at an officer’s party.

They are really full of themselves and expect everyone to bow down to them. The new centurions. You see them in a different light than that nice beat cop who showed up when you called about the prowler in your back yard and you were grateful for his/her help.