Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Covid-19

@18K dead in NYC so far.


When time is good, they don’t want government intervention and prefer to keep all profits to themselves/ leadership.

When time is bad, they want others like government, taxpayers and insurers to pay for their losses.

Rank n file is always in the losing end.

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That’s not a measure of overwhelming the system. No one ever said the measures would reduce the number of COVID deaths. Flattening the curve is about spreading them out over a longer period of time.

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Elon Musk should stick to his job.

This is why Elon is hopping mad again. This time he will threaten to go to Texas again??(where Covid cases are surging)

@erth. Few links for you, Google for the rest.


Williamson County instead of city of Austin or Travis county. Hutto is pretty ok.

Dr Fauci,
don’t talk smug. You advise no need to wear masks.

He wants to be a businessman version of Trump on Twitter.

He is also a half politician, checks the weathervane to see which direction the political wind is blowing before he speaks. No wonder he is still working at a top office at 79.


Goldman Sachs says a national mask mandate could slash infections and save economy from a 5% hit

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Isn’t there only 1 person here who’s against masks? WHO and CDC both flip flopped which doesn’t give them a ton of credibility. I still don’t get the uproar against masks. They are cheap and not much of an inconvenience. It seems like a relatively easy thing to do.

Newsome didn’t help himself with the secret contract to buy masks from China just before he mandated them.

Plenty of people are skeptical about the increase being due to re-opening. It would be ignorant to ignore the impact of protests and mixing in antibody tests results. Plus, we are testing for more people now. We should have more cases given most cases have zero symptoms. Originally, we only tested those with symptoms, so we were at best capturing 25% of people with COVID. Ignoring factors that any reasonable and unbiased scientists should consider just makes the whole thing look stupid.

To heal the economy you must beat back the virus. Anything else is just hiding head in the sand.

Italy’s lockdown was a real honest to god lockdown. The one we had in the US was a joke. Also note the 100% mask coverage in the picture.

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That or in a few weeks they’ll realize there are a ton of new cases, and a shutdown only temporarily slows it. It doesn’t eliminate it. You talk like places have eradicated coronavirus the way we have with Polio. We haven’t. As soon as people start going back to work the cases will start to increase again.

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Not in Asia as far as I know. Even poor countries like Vietnam are doing OK. China has been back at work for months.

Vietnam closed the border and did 14-day quarantine for all inbound passengers. Trump was called racist for banning inbound travel from China. Can you imagine the complaints if Trump ordered quarantine of foreign travelers? We should have been even more aggressive banning travel, since NYC’s downfall was travel from Europe.

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Well, Trump did close the border. How come our case number keeps soaring? 14 day quarantine? The guy can’t even bring himself to wearing a simple mask. So much for that fantasy scenario.

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Our initial border closure was limited to China.

Maybe you should ask all the protestors who are violating the 6’ distancing rules. Maybe it’s just coincidence that after a couple weeks of protests the number of cases increases.

If he even mentioned 14-day quarantine for foreign visitors, the media and democrats would have a field day calling him racist and xenophonic. Biden called him xenophobic for the initial travel ban and was against it. Turns out we needed an even bigger travel ban.

Did the protests increase the spread of corona? Could be. I would guess it did but I don’t think it’s a major vector compared to reopening. How many people protested vs how many started going out again because of reopening like dining out and going to bars? Do the math and tell me it’s not magnitudes different in scale.

If reopening doesn’t matter at all why did Florida and Texas close down bars again? Are people protesting inside bars?

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