Cost to Build Example - 531 Irven Ct, Palo Alto

This was from a listing for sale.


Great info. $300 per foot is about what I was quoted. But is it better to fight city hall and get a 2-story built? It won’t get easier down the road so it may make sense to bite the bullet and just get it done? Then you will have a bigger and more valuable house on that 1.6M piece of land.

Full cost without financing comes out to just over 1M for 2650 sqft (without garage 2440).

Also, you aren’t really fighting city hall. It’s the neighbors that are the issue. 3-4 months delay is nothing. You should see some of the attitudes on nextdoor… You can’t rationalize how people feel emotionally.

Btw, this project is the type you stay away from. Serious flaws in the lot. I’m guessing it closes for quite a bit under ask.

Very good cost breakdown. Agree with Manch - lot is only 6300 sq ft. So 2-story is better.

Isn’t $300 per foot a tad light in this market/time???

Couple years back a pre-fab guy quoted me 250 a foot, soft costs included. He also included the garage in the square footage when calculating the cost. 300 is about right for a stick custom build.