Couple questions about student loans and credit


Hello, my name is Jessica, I am 25 now and will be finishing school now…

Couple questions about student loans and credit.

So, do they affect the credit score?

I don’t have any job right now, and I am constantly looking, how much time will I have to start paying them off?

I will have around $40,000 total of debt and just want to see how it will affect my credit because I plan on buying a home in the next 3 years.

Do student loans will hurt my credit?

Will I need to hire a a credit repair company so I have a score of 700 at least?

Lets say I find a job at 80k, how much should I pay them off?

Not sure what the interest is.

Anyway, thanks! and I hope I am in the right category!


Hi there! 40K in student loan debt ain’t that much in the great scheme of things. Once you start working, just be methodical and just wipe it out as soon as you can within reason. By doing this, you hopefully will get into the habit of saving and building up your credit profile. Believe me, having a great credit score will allow you to obtain the best mortgage rates. My wife and I typically score in the 810s or so credit wise so we never have any issue getting loans and best rates. Good luck to you!


They actually build your credit if you pay them on time. Private loans are different from federal stafford loans. The federal ones have far more flexibility, and you typically get 6 months after graduation before you have to start paying.

Your credit score is probably low due to lack of credit unless you have late payments on things. They usually want at least 3 credit lines. Age of credit line also matters. You’ll want 2 other forms of credit to start building your score.


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