Crazy Poor Asians


I’d rather die than live like him… :rofl:

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I wasted a few minutes of my life clicking on these two pathetic videos. Anybody and everyone knows that the movie is a fantasy piece and not necessarily reality of the masses. That’s what makes it interesting. Why the F would I go all the way to Singapore to see a freeloader when there are plenty of them here? Joke…


The videos didn’t tell you the profile of those 80%. They are mostly non graduates. The graduates that are staying in HDBs are either newly weds or those choose to stay in HDBs while owning private condos for rent. That is to say manch won’t be staying in HDBs.

Btw, the starting pay of an engineer is higher than $3000, probably $4500 (adjusted yearly for inflation).


Only citizens can buy HDB right?

PR also can.

What the heck is a freegan…he’s just a bum.

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Teeth of the lead actor look horrible.
Lead actress can’t speak proper Mandarin?
Acting is pretty crude.

The videos are unavailable.

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