Dark Side of Silicon Valley


Makes sense to build when wages are low and costs are cheap… A large part of American infrastructure was built in the Great Depression… It all needs to be replaced to the tune of $3trlllon. 1000 times the 1930s cost


Steve Jobs did a reverse took over. Eventually firing everyone on the board and replaced everyone in the senior management. Had a vision and fired everybody who don’t have the right skillsets. Where do find such people for ailing companies like HPE and Yahoo!?


I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to fire everyone, keep the wheels moving on the current business, hire new leaders who hire new teams, still keep the current business moving, and find time to innovate the next business.

I had never done a turn around and tried it for my last company. I doubt I’ll ever try it again. You simply can’t fire and hire fast enough. I think the only way it might work is if you leave the existing people in place to maintain the business. Then wall off the new hires that are going to create the next engine of growth. If you try to execute with a mixed team, the incompetent legacy employees kill any chance of successfully launching new stuff.

Also, when a company isn’t performing the employees are used to a walking pace. You can’t just come in and demand they start running. You’re lucky if 20% of the employees embrace it, and maybe half of those will achieve it. The rest just dig in, hate the new people, and hope all the change will pass.

Jobs did it right coming in and killing most of the product development plans. That gave him room to fire people down to small enough teams to execute the small number of products that’d determine the company’s future.





I’ve been telling you guys…you don’t listen…I’ve been approached by people wanting to sell more than one property. Tonight I will be having a meeting with a guy owning 25 properties. He wants out of the 1031 nightmare and as I said a month ago or so, he (my impression) smells blood in the water.

You just got to be positive and know how to move your pawns.



People love the under dog. When the biggest companies were banks, oil, airlines, and industrial conglomerates, tech was the littler under dog that people rooted for to win. Now tech companies are dominating the list of biggest companies, highest profits, etc. Now they are going to get the scrutiny that goes with it.



Google search cough, cough


Have been avoiding using the word too, say web search :grinning:


It’s just that you die in traffic in the commute. And you are not coming back to a nice place, just an appartment or a glorified shack that you paid a $1M for. Bay Area is not a great place to be unless you have seriously deep pockets.


True story. You get killed in traffic everyday. You pay high rent. And it’s congested to hell in the bay. Not the greatest place to be if you are a single guy either. Decent for raising a family. But seriously, you have to be pulling in big change to live in a nice part of town, drive a nice car, take a few vacations here and there. Number one culprit is Rent/Mortgage!


Be happy, I can open a life insurance on you so you can leave your honey with lots of money. :rofl:




Yeah, it was real gut wrenching. The stocks are all at or near ATH. I’m sure they are crying all the way to the bank.


It is not always about money you know. For some people, they like the idea of being thought of positively and doing good as opposed to opposite. My employer is consistently voted as one of the most ethical companies in the world. I appreciate that.



Here I thought it was going to focus on Google’s manipulation of their search algorithm.