Dark Side of Silicon Valley


The number of people I worked with that’d use their AAPL stock to fund vacations and cars instead of a home down payment was insane. Rent was cheap back then, and they figure it’d be cheap forever. They were like the RE bears on redfin.




A non-profit funded in part by Mark Zuckerberg has laid out four visions of what the Bay Area could look like in 2070, and three of them are bleak


How come all futurists pick doomsday scenarios?
At least I won’t be around in 2070


I agree it worths the read, provided that we are invested in RE here in Bayarea.







Shouldn’t you be doing something about your husband instead???


Why don’t we talk about mass crime? It’s amazing the crime rate difference between neighboring cities. People think getting softer will fix it. It’ll only make criminals bolder and increase crime rates.



Some managers may see a four-year tenure as a red flag that an employee couldn’t get a job anywhere else.


true. every FTE left, we’re only force to hire contractor for last couple years to replace them.


But, do buy our Iphones…


While Apple is much more privacy focused than others, I’m not sure why Apple collects analytics. There is an option “to NOT share them”, but then why collect them especially when the user does not want to share them. As far I know it’s not possible to delete them either. This is both on iOS and tvOS. MacOS is better.



I wonder how long before there’s France style protests in SV. There have been some protests of corporate buses.


I suspected and talked about this many times, just didn’t have hard facts, now we have :hushed:

Bikes (can’t remember name), rent control, :slight_smile: