Data for seasonal sales in senior communities in the South

Where can I find data showing the quantity of the number of sales and purchases of homes in senior communities (mostly mobile home parks) in the Southern United States (at least California) by month for the past few years, such as for 10 years?

I assume that the school year has little or no affect on the sales of homes in senior communities. I assume that snowbirds have a greater affect. I think this is the time that snowbirds would be selling homes, if they have homes to sell for the season. And they would purchase homes in about October, if they are going to purchase for the season or more. Is there data showing that activity? Also, the quantity of purchases would show the duration of the market; in other words, when the season ends.

Or perhaps it would be better to have data showing the quantity, by month, of how many such homes are available. Just knowing what months historically have had the greatest and least number of available homes would help.