Data Suggests No Housing Bubble

More data points for you folks to consider…

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But, the globalists will be defeated in November, isolationism/nationalism is coming, it means all the manufacturing including Trump’s clothing will be made here (yeah right!), everything will be expensive to buy, with lower salaries to start with. But people wanted jobs, and cheap jobs they will get…

Time to sell now! :joy:

Just in case you needed a reminder…

Man! I do have a crystal ball, don’t I?

There are the pesky facts that wages, jobs, stocks, and housing are all going up, up, up.

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IMHO, the event that could cause the most damage to RE in SFBA is we are overtaken by other places. This is possible if some1 messes with SV’s ability to recruit the best talent for a job. Meritocracy is good for brilliant folks, but is cruel to those who miss the mark and probably unfair to those who are born here. Is up to voters and residents what they prefer. There is no right or wrong. We, the RE investors, respond accordingly.


New user here was enjoying this forum for a while and decided to join. Here is one VC (Paul Graham - Y Combinator) opinion on challenges to replicate Silicon Valley. Please keep in mind that this was written more than 10 years ago, but most fundamentals still apply:


Apps startups don’t need much money to start :slight_smile:

With cloud computing, many companies don’t need much money to startup too.

Nowadays, you can get advice anytime anywhere.

Jack Ma rises from a city without nerds and rich people, in fact with ordinary people, he himself is not an IT guy and don’t know how to use any office productivity software. Now Jack Ma is everywhere in Asia giving advice, and forming partnership with their governments and local businesses. Hangzhou is pretty well known now.

Obviously, SV is the hottest gal at the Ball but let’s not forget the other darlings of the Bay. Biotech is big here too right? The travel and entertainment industry here is no slouch too. Granted a bit further out is our vaulted agriculture industry, surely to improve after this incredible rainy season. Farmers can farm now. Shoot, I might even change my showerhead back to full blast so that the Mrs. can enjoy her 20-25 minute showers every morn…

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How many gallons of water are we talking about here??

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Not necessarily. Face to face physical contact is still irreplaceable. It’s one of the primary reasons why most every tech startup wants to come here. Mark Z famously met Sheryl Sandberg in a party. I think much of Facebook’s success can be traced back to Sheryl. The serendipity of meeting your next investor/key exec/top talent in a party/coffee shop/street is often underestimated but key to many startups’ success.

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As THE MAN when it comes to taking care of all of the housing bills (other than food related), too many gallons! Sometimes on those “lucky” occasions that the Mrs. get up before me, I literally cringe in bed as to how long that precious H20 gold is running down the drain… Yes, dear, your hair is immaculate and lovely and you smell great all the time but come on!!! I was thinking about putting one of these portable timers cooks use in the kitchen on the bathroom counter top. What do you think, will it work (hint hint) or will she chuck it at me??? :slight_smile:

I think it is one of those “just pay up and shut up” thing… Happy Wife Happy Life!

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Fine, @BAzx, I will swap it out tomorrow and every time I get the bill I will shut up and think of you. A piece of advice for you folks contemplating putting in a tankless water system, don’t do it if you have someone like this who likes to sit in a shower for waaaaay too long. At least with a regular tank, once it is gone…it is gone baby!!!

What is it? Water or housing bubble? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

HAHAHAHAAH! But, honestly, landscaping takes way more water.

But what is funny is that I’ve started bathing less frequently and my husband has hinted that he’d prefer I return to the everyday shower. :slight_smile: I don’t think I smell bad, but he prefers higher quality hair for sure. (It is now frequently up in a hat)

says this housing Kool-Aid pusher…