Dear Landlord. Be Mercy will Ya?

I was approached by this poor lady, 4 kids, a husband, barely making it in life, nowhere to go, looking for an apartment on the $1200 a month tag.
The story is the following:
She lives, still, a block away from me. Bunches of apartments in that street. Price has been nice so far but the Bus rapid transit going on by Alum Rock Ave. is putting a higher price tag on the properties there. Her landlord said. :imp:
So, her precious landlord told her that by now $200 rent increase to go to $1400 for one bedroom apartment. Fine, right?
Next year, when? he told her your rent goes to $1700 because of the bus thingy.
And they lived happily married forever…:laughing:

Let me understand this. There are 6 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment. She is lucky to find a landlord to rent to her. If I was renting out my 2 bedroom townhouse I would not allow more than 4 people.

I don’t think the Bus transit thing on Alum Rock will add value to the rental though. It may just be an excuse to get her out of there. I sympathize with your feelings but that is too many people for a one bedroom.

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Of course they have an excuse, as many thousands in the Bay Area the lower class renters can’t afford it. They got a raise of $200 on their rent and the compassionate landlord told them in advance that they will be paying $1700 next year.
6 people in a one bedroom apartment is the norm, believe me. A house across the street 3/1 has 15 people in it. All related to the owner. 8 cars on the street :grin:
That bus project sounds fishy to me, not the story coming from them, but from the landlord’s side. but, caveat emptor, who knows, I tend to believe people with the fear in their eyes.
Good idea, spook them, they leave, you get your $400-$500 raise immediately with the new tenant. Ka-chin!

6 people living in an one BD apartment is illegal I believe.

Don’t think so. I believe we had this discussion before, and it’s only recommended, not mandated, how many people can live in an apartment. And it would depend adults vs. kids. 2 adults, 4 kids, is probably fine.

Also, number of bedrooms shouldn’t be the factor, but square footage. Bedrooms means closet. Who cares? If I have a 2000 sq ft one bedroom, almost certainly I can fit 6 people comfortably.

Don’t let CPS (Child Protective Services) hear about 4 children sharing one room. For foster homes they have firm rules (only sharing of all of the same gender or all under the age of 5). I don’t know what their exact rule for private residences is.

However, I know someone who rented a room to a girl. This was in a house where each bedroom was rented out separately. So, it was supposed to be just that girl. Well, after a few days, her guy and 2 children were in that room too and they changed the lock, blocked the window from the inside etc.
Another tenant called CPS. The cops were there, opened the door for CPS etc… landlord got in trouble (!).

The room was about 12x15. I don’t know the age of the kids.

I know, rumors, disappointment, renters having a vendetta against landlords, etc. But this topic is not directed to the people living in a 1 bed apartment but the “next year because of the bus thingy I will stick it to you with $300 more”:imp:

Really? I thought foster homes had to have an entirely separate bedroom for the foster kid(s).

I know a lot of families around here who have mixed gender bedrooms. Since the housing market isn’t getting better, you can bet they’re still going to be bunking together until they’re off to college. :frowning:

Keep in mind that SF is special now with a pathetic law that prevents one from stopping a tenant from bringing in roommates (even though your lease says otherwise) to leaapartments up to the building code recommendations without any recourse. Remember, our fav Jane Kim’s legislation that our pathetic Mayor and Bored of Stupidvisors passed even though they had issues with it? Here it is if you need to brush up on it if SF:

Remember, as an owner, one should never expressly list or say that oh I only want one person for this residence. You could be in violation. What I do is just list the apartment appropriately (2 bd, 1 ba, etc) and just let ALL applicants view and apply and you then just pick the right tenant for your needs. Don’t say or do things that a prospective tenant can get the Rent Board on you for.

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