Decent Deal For A Fully Detached SF Home

Not bad, for 1.04M I think. Small, but very cute and fully detached with a lot of detail. This house gets flooded with light during the day and who doesn’t like the detached garage in the back? If I were a first time buyer, I would have def gone after this. Later, one can maybe do some expansion in the back or do something with the detached garage.

I saw that one. I don’t like the fact that the next door neighbor is bearing down on it. If you want to build a second story I suspect they will also find some non-sense excuse to block it. Because their views will get blocked.

I have a friend who owns a SFH on Faxon Street which is similar, there really is no view there to block when you are on the lower streets. I mean, you are looking down towards Ocean Ave, right? With the right people in place, one should be able to build up if so desired.

So, did you otherwise like the layout and the house. I really liked this one (despite the neighbor). It would have been perfect for us. No kids. All that driveway. Potential in the back. Nice details in the house. Kitchen is dated but who cares, driveway space is big for me…

That area is nice. It’s also close to our favorite Chinese BBQ shop on Ocean. I am eyeing that area as well. If I want to live in my old suburban way this area is about the most “affordable”. Like you said all houses are detached with plenty of parking space. We drove around there one night and saw quite a few people walking their dogs. It has a real neighborhood feel to it.

Yeah, that Whole Foods was a game changer to the area. Def more congested now with the cars though on Ocean. All I know is, whomever owns that Mcdonalds that literally fills up that block on Ocean must be thinking about redeveloping or selling out for millions…

What, decent Chinese takeout you say? See, you are changing…slowly

I always get Chinese BBQ to go. That shop has pretty mean roast ducks and bbq pork.

Ok, looks good. But, does this place have a line EVERY DAY though out the door like this stalwart on Noriega???

I saw the line outside Cheung Hing one day and out of curiosity went in and bought some duck. No good sir. Very disappointed. I should have checked Yelp. Any Chinese restaurant 4 stars or more means it’s no good.

I like the one in irving more.
Lam Hoa Thuan Restaurant

the yellow hair gwai fei chicken actually have chicken taste (for chinese ppl probably they know what i’m talking about)

I would agree that this place is better than Cheung Hing. I come here for dinner occasionally on weekends. The food is good but what truly rocks is their home made hot sauce!!! I don’t do the reddish color sauce ones. Theirs is cooked chili and oil I guess. Awesome!!!

Your line at the Chinese BBQ is about to get a bit longer if this ever gets built…

Wow, yes, nice redone home but Sunnyside at 1.8M??? This is in that area right behind City College near Balboa Park and below Monterey.

3/2 SFH sold for 550K. Not bad…