Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


No, last year I paid $336 for the same car. The fees are supposed to go down not up.


24% increase!!
None of this has tax will be used to build new roads.


Gas tax will be used to pay union workers. I guess unions will support gas tax


What is your car? :slight_smile: I mean, i drive a japanese car that is under 20k, prob now about 8-9 :slight_smile:


I have the same. Just got my renew notice. It’s $270 I think…


Here you go

The Yes on 6 campaign claims Sacramento Regional Transit, Caltrans and other agencies are using government resources to campaign against the proposition.

The Yes campaign posted a video on YouTube that shows a Caltrans contractor handing out, what appears to be, campaign literature to drivers stuck in construction traffic in San Diego County.

“A Caltrans work crew, supervised by a Caltrans employee, stopped traffic on State Road 78, had people roll down their window and handed them a ‘No on Prop 6’ pamphlet,” Yes campaign chair Carl DeMaio said, calling it “a complete violation of state law.”

Prop 6, the gas tax

It’s a scam. Everybody please vote yes on Prop 6 - my bill needs to go back down next year.


@BAGB look what I got in the mail today lol


You need to think deep. Maybe you should vote yes on prop 10. All the AI thinks so. :thinking:


I only received No on Prop 10. Maybe they thought you are a renter at your own house


How come landlords are branded as “greedy”? I don’t want to be a landlord no more! :sob:


Is it weird that I want to be the villain? :thinking:


Without landlord, how can there be tenants?

In communist countries, everyone will be a tenant. The only landlord would be the government.

US government is actually a big landlord as well. All the public housing tenants have the US government as their landlord.


No. It’s very on brand. :smile:


Without landlords the price of housing would go down so much everybody could afford a home. :thinking:


How about college students and new graduates who come here to work? Do they have to buy a house before coming to San Jose State to study or come to Salesforce to work?


So long you need to pay property tax, government is the land lord :slight_smile:


That’s why property tax should be replaced by income tax. If your property generates income, you pay tax. If no income from your property, no property tax.


Paying income tax means your body is not yours. Belong to the government :imp:


There is no true private property :slight_smile: