Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


For all you Bernie supporters. Remember his roots. And why his kind is so dangerous.

The modern leftist insanity perpetuated in the U.S. today has its origins in the “Anti War” movement of the Vietnamese conflict. That tons of Eastern European military hardware could be shipped, for several years into Haiphong harbor without interference, defies all known modern military doctrine.

The war was also our first conflict where college enrollment precluded the obligation to meet the requirements for compulsive military service. The colleges became a haven for draft evaders (as did Canada).

In order to alleviate their consciences, the college students became eager to identify with the tenets of the anti war voices among the professors and administrators who were the eager to lead these middle class kids into the morass of leftist sophistry.

To reiterate, the irrational hatred expressed by our leftists for those pursuing independence for So. Vietnam, has survived and thrives in the anti-Trump hysteria of the present moment.


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Go out to Vote today or tomorrow, folks!

I mailed my ballot a few weeks ago to prevent forgetting about it


Thanks BAGB. For those who plan to / have already voted by absentee ballots, you can lookup the status of your ballots here: My ballot (and my wife’s as well) were counted on 10/31/2018.


Please vote people.
Have a good day.


Why would people vote in person? Why? :thinking:


Wow, do not recall this much buzz on voting in a long while, sad to say…


For that you have to thank the orange monster. People vote when they are mad. :rage:


I’m working at a polling place. Some people do like voting in person but most just drop off.


Wow, you da man!!!


Do you whisper “No on 10” to their ears? :smile:


My WA ballot was so short compared to a CA ballot. I think there were 3 initiatives.

  1. Carbon tax (hell no)
  2. Gun control (hell no)
  3. Prevent local governments from taxing foods (yes)

Seattle has a soda tax and #3 is aimed to prevent such stupidity.

It’s a bit scary though. All you have to do is go online and enter your first name, last name, and birthday. Then you can complete you ballot online and print it to drop-off at one of many drop-off locations. If you knew someone wasn’t going to vote or was dead but still registered, then it’d be super easy to use their vote.


What a day! 6am to 9pm


Come on, give us a report!


I’m seeing prop 10 failed.


Congratulations on the 65-35 defeat of Prop 10! That’s a tremendous defeat of communists at DSA.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation will immediately begin working on another rent control measure for 2020 statewide ballot. Hope we can take some rest before defeating them again :joy:

" Damien Goodmon, the campaign director for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s housing efforts, said last week that if Proposition 10 didn’t pass, the nonprofit would immediately begin discussing whether to push a stronger rent control measure for the 2020 statewide ballot."


Kudos to @BAGB. I learned a few things about rent control from you.

Hope the following is not your work. :smile: Just kidding. Apparently they sent out the following text message to people:

“Hey there Kelly! I’m Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a volunteer for Yes on Prop 10. Prop 10 will fund the construction of adding Hillary Clinton to Mt. Rushmore.”


This is disappointing. More gun control which won’t make anyone safer. The other one makes it easier to charge police of they kill someone. Way to go passing an anti police measure.

Initiative 1639 — Gun control: PASSING

If this passes, Washington state would be among the top five or six states with the toughest gun laws. It would raise the age limit for the purchase of a semiautomatic rifle to 21 from 18. This would bring it in line with the age limit for handguns, which is 21. High-profile mass shootings prompted this initiative, including several north of Seattle.

It is the only statewide gun control measure on a ballot anywhere in the midterms, but the National Rifle Association put up only $200,000.

Yes: 62.5

No: 37.5

Initiative 940 — Law enforcement: PASSING

Prosecutors would no longer have to prove a police officer acted with “malice” to charge them for use of deadly force. It would also require officers get de-escalation and mental health training.

Yes: 60.7

No: 39.3


Since the win appears to be pretty decisive, the AIDS Foundation really needs to think if that is good use of all that money. I would rather they fight for modification of current rent control laws, which I personally would not be opposed to.


Rent control is the #1 enemy to California. All Californians need to be united to defeat rent control at the state level.

Hope someone will push for a measure to ban all kinds of rent control in California. That would be the beginning of California renaissance.