Defeat Prop 10: Strict Rent Control, Housing Freeze, Economy Freeze and Frozen Tech


I just laugh at the stupidity of some posters here.

Confiscation of property rights. That qualifies as “the press is the enemy of the people” communist/Socialist manifesto stated by the commie in the white house…….:sweat_smile:

The other posters…Communists………as if they didn’t vote for a “Communist kissing his lover Putin ex-KGB boss killing Americans for fun” president. :rofl::joy::grin:


“Property rights refer to the theoretical and legal ownership of specific property by individuals and the ability to determine how such property is used. In many countries, including the United States, individuals generally exercise private property rights – the rights of private persons to accumulate, hold, delegate, rent or sell their property.”

“Confiscation: the action of taking or seizing someone’s property with authority; seizure.”

So yes, tenant rights are a confiscation of property rights. They take away the right of someone to accumulate, hold, delegate, rent or sell their property.


Rent control… the state decides what you can charge for rent. That is communist. What other business has price controls. Even PGE is guaranteed 6% returns. How many landlords get a 6% return? Many on this forum are happy to break even. That is like working for free when there is no appreciation. Quite possible for the next few years.


Communism is control of the means of production. Are RE investors workers, employed by the state?
Right now, if we take “controlling whatever” action from government elected by “we the people” as Communism, then, allow me to express my disappointment because then…we are witnessing Communism** in the name of rescuing the farmers with $12 Billion package.

The poor guys are losing money when harvesting and you guys are here crying like babies. They are receiving peanuts on the dollars they are losing and still complaining. See? The government, that’s right, the government, not a state is telling them they can control what % of $ subsidies they get from them, kind of rent control don’t you think so? Funny thing? Some congress men are farmers. That puts this self serving totalitarian regime as Communist, doesn’t it?

All you need to do to not being subject to “Communism” is selling your properties and move away from a Communist regime, maybe to another country and ask for asylum, only to be called a criminal. Or, convince enough people to vote down the government, or keep attempting to beat a system created by the Americans voting for the elected individuals doing what they were supposed to do, reflecting the sentiments of the elector. By the way, all what is said and done about Communism has been deflated, defeated by seeing how the elector voted no on prop 10. And, as I recall, I went down to the voting place, I picked my favorite politicians, voted yes or no for the props and went home without anybody giving me a sealed envelope with “my votes”. I felt the breeze of democracy that day, something people in China can’t do if I am correct.

Communism then, is kind of that vulgar guy profiting from government in the white house and telling Amazon and others what they should earn. Isn’t that an attack against Capitalism or what? The ones attacking capitalism are the Communists, right? And those supporting that anti-capitalist guy are communist too. Don’t they? So, watch out for who you support.

So, reflecting your concern, then we can say the commie in Washington is telling them farmers, Amazon, the high tech industry, real estate investors (not being able to deduct property taxes as they used to) how much they have to “earn” for being damaged by him opening his vulgar and ignorant mouth and causing chaos and uncertainty in the economy, none the less the stock market which lost $trillions by his stupid mouth before doing any secret negotiations, which is the right way to do for this to not cause any sensationalism and causing losses to the American investors in the stock market. You don’t think he is in bed with inside traders, don’t you? I think that idiot is thinking this is an episode of the apprentice. He loves adulation, and that’s is bringing down the economy and the country with it. And the bunch of American idiots applauding! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Nobody here is working for either the state or the government for free. Rent control is not a state mandated issue, it is local. He, or she, is welcome sell his or her properties, pack up, and leave to wherever they feel they won’t be bother by uncle Sam under different parties or interpretations. Had the system worked for real estate investors, tenants and anybody not liking the end results would be speaking of Communism then. You then, would be a Communist. That’s how it works here, that word is thrown right and left, specially by the right wing who professed a undeniable hatred for anything Russia. Reagan was their hero, now, republicans are the present commies, kissing the ground where Putin walks on. Anybody telling me the contraire, would be hypocrites by denying they are under the control of Russian oligarchs. Most of them met with Russians prior to the elections, and Facebook helped Russians to deceive idiots believing Hillary had a prostituting ring somewhere in a Pizza parlor. The stupidity of the electoral bunch voting for a sold out Communist president is incredible. And some of those voters, wouldn’t even be told the time of the day if “he” saw them because they are in the list of “no whites” from Norway. That’s a cold and hard fact. All they have to do is look themselves in the mirror and ask “am I the typical billionaire republican to receive a position in government or I am a pawn. Am I white enough?” :scream:

If you feel you are a subject of the power of the state, don’t participate on its programs or benefits. If you are a Real Estate investor, pay the taxes as soon you sell a property, no 1031, no depreciation schedules to do, no tax loopholes, that puts you under the tit of the government, you are milking it when others can’t, that is the same government you hate. That means, you are supporting Communism if you live in CA. Right?

Communism also controls what you say. It calls for the press to be silenced, calling it “the enemy of the people”. It calls for the expulsion of the press from governmental meetings, taking away its credentials because the leader can’t take the heat. It creates paranoia against the media, provoking death of reporters and extorting those reporters wanting to do their jobs by asking them to bow to the especial interests of the politburo controlling the power.

Oh, wait! Isn’t that happening now? Hold on! Let me make a call, I have Acosta’s phone number in my phone list. A judge had to order the white house to allow the free press to do its job? Are we in China, Russia or Venezuela? I think the latter. :open_mouth:


Someone calls David Chiu “Intellectual Jerk” for pushing for Prop 10 and ridiculous rent control proposals. Will SF get rid of him in the next election? How can a Harvard grad so jerky?

intellectual jerk - book smart but no common sense.

There are too many intellectual jerks resulted from over-education due to excessive labor force. Many Asian and Jewish politicians are like this. All the 3 politicians pushing to kill Costa Hawkins are Asian and Jewish, over-educated apparently and lost touch with common sense.

Jason2 months ago

I love how the article try to correlate prop 10 with affordable housing. “…even though two-thirds said they felt that housing affordability” because PROP 10 would have hurt affordable housing. I feel that the politicians wanted a political win regardless of the actual outcome. David Chiu’s days should be numbered and he is a Harvard grad no less. How could he not see that this would negatively affect everyone.

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Insignia2 Jason2 months ago

I’d love to discover a way to get rid of Chiu (I am in SF). But hopefully this defeat shuts him up for a half hour. He is also responsible for ridiculous airbnb restrictions in SF.


CM Jason2 months ago

Being a Harvard grad doesn’t mean you have any sense of reality. My dear father had a term for it: intellectual jerk - book smart but no common sense.

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You know how it is, oh I want to give back to the little people to show how great of a humanitarian I am, despite the Haaavard sweatshirt…


He wants to rob dragonboy then give back to the little people. It’s very different from giving back from his own pocket. Intellectual Jerk is only stupid with other people’s money. Their common sense is intact when dealing with their own interest. You need to elect a common sense guy instead of this intellectual jerk


Well, sadly, our Bored of Stupidvisors is even more left leaning now… Mao jackets for everyone!!!


But they were elected by Mao voters in SF, right?

I would be worried, I would be packing up and leaving “for your country of origin”. Unless you are a masochist. :laughing: