Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors + DA


This land will become public property. Only public entity for low income people will buy this, no private owner would be interested in the nightmare. The only way to stop all these madness is tax cut and give the decision to citizens instead of government.

Government will never have enough money. They will find all the excuses to raise tax and use those tax dollars to confiscate private property.

‘The objection from these activists—the same one raised against any market-rate development in the city—is that newer, more expensive housing stock would drive out the neighborhood’s lower-income, predominantly Hispanic population. "’

This could spread to LA and other predominantly Hispanic neighborhood.


This is great to see. Our Bored of Stupidvisors and the pathetic activists think they hold the cards. Uh no. The builders will just take their tools and go find another sandlot. Awwww, no housing for you!!!


And, of course, these folks will make minimum 6 figures…


The sad thing is, i hope this guy wins…


It is truly disgusting how the Bd of Stupes does everything in its power to stop or stall housing projects in the face of the worst housing shortage in history. How myopic and stupid can the progressives be?


The stupid Hillary Ronen and the stupid city attorney need to be impeached. How to impeach a stupivisor and a city attorney?

“Neither the city attorney’s office nor Supervisor Hillary Ronen—who is named in the suit—have yet issued a statement in response.”


Sure, let’s redirect those planes away from the Bayview, Excelsior, and make them go over Atherton, Hillsborough and Palo Alto more…


Never mind, you voted the right way Malia…


Uh, that’s why you keep your nose clean in the first place…


Um, why overthink this statue? Maaaaaybe, the American Indian literally just fell and the missionary is helping him up. Is that really such a negative political statement?



So lame…


Here’s what some fresh meat want to do about the homeless…


I floated that idea awhile ago. Right to housing doesn’t have to mean housing in one of the most expensive cities in the world.



Ditto for housing type e.g. Large lot & square footage SFH.


Come on, Angela!!!


Well, that was money well spent… Morons!!!


The BOS should not be allowed to hire consultants