Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Well, can’t knock them for doing the actual cleaning but as leaders who have the power to legislate and put things into action maybe they ought to really focus on that part of the equation. Certainly not an easy problem to fix for sure but also remember that we spend A LOT to address the homeless problem yet it doesn’t seem to make a dent…


In Rome on the Spanish Steps they clear out the homeless with fire hoses… Much more effective…


Stop bitching, run for office, get elected.

Then we’ll make sure to remind you that you have a mother, or how brilliant you are. :joy:


Unfortunately, he is a resident of South Lake Tahoe not the Fab 7x7.

Learn from my mistake(s)…


Ed Jew


I am not just a whiner. I voted with my feet and moved.
I actually got involved in local politics… Too right wing to win. But I did hold a fundraiser for my communist friend… unfortunately he lost… I figure if all the candidates are commies, at least I could support the one who is my friend and actually agrees with me on solving the housing crisis… build baby build




Bravo, Portland, bravo!!! Perhaps a lesson for our wonderful Bored Of Stupidvisors? Or, even BART/Muni???

Soon after, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who counts Boyle among his top political donors, directed officials to ramp up enforcement of the city’s “no-sit” policy.


Personally, I never understood why the concern over term limits. If the voters want someone to repeat, presumably due to his/her great job, why not? Why stop someone good from continuing?

But Josefowitz said he will try and keep Alioto-Pier from running by funding a June ballot measure to prevent past supervisors from seeking office after they already served two-four year terms, which he called a “loophole.”

“If we’re going to keep electing the same people, we’re going to keep getting the same results,” he said.


It doesn’t matter when the people funding the candidates don’t change. Bush and Obama had a crazy amount of overlap in their top donors. How is that even possible when they were supposed to be total opposites? If you have term limits, it won’t change anything. The same money will just back the next replace who’ll do the same things as the person before them.

The founders knew a big government would become corrupt and abuse it’s power. That’s why they specifically sought to limit the federal government’s power. We are too stupid to realize the danger of a constantly growing federal government. We think it’s protecting us from evil corporations. The fact is the corporations own the government. Also, big government and massive regulations have made it near impossible for small businesses to compete. It’s transferred even more power to the mega corporations. Most people are never going to understand that, so they’ll keep voting for bigger government to solve the problem. Meanwhile, bigger government keeps making it worse.

Remember, when we were told banks were too big to fail, and that was a problem? Why are there even fewer banks now and they are even bigger than before? Yeah, the government surely fixed that one for us.





Technically ripping on our DA… but still. The law was the law, you can’t wipe it clean!!!


Do something, you idiots!!! We don’t need to study the situation, Mr. Acting Mayor, to know what is happening. Make the laws tougher and you will curtail a lot of it. It is not rocket science!!!


Wow, talk about idiots… you are going to focus on compounding the issue by coming down on property owners who have vacancies (I am pretty sure they aren’t exactly too thrilled about it either) yet you are willing to ignore our more wide spread car break-in problem???


How about focusing on the freaking car break-ins, genius’???


Uh, another car just got broken into…


Dragon can go to the meeting and propose a rent control repeal when they are bored


But, but, then you will know who I am…and that would end all of the fun here…


Wear a hat “not that Dragonboy”. :joy: