Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


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Um, where in the name (“Navigation Center”) says anything about a lifetime???


A city with a $10B/yr budget can’t figure it out? I wonder how many homeless are here illegally? We should let them live with Pelosi and Feinstein, since they are so adamant about letting those people stay in the country.


Yes, in that time it took to draw up this wonderful legislation how many cars got broken into???


A Waste of time and money. Focus on the things that make a difference (crime and congestion) not feel-good topics.


More directed at the Planning Commission…for now


Hello Phil? We want you to focus on things that actually matter, the crime and the homeless problem in the City!!!


Fixing problems isn’t what matters. Creating a headline that scores political points with the base is more important. That’s what gets people reelected.

How much a year does CA spend educating the kids of illegal immigrants in public schools? How much is spent on ER visits by illegals? California is literally telling US citizens that it cares more about illegals than it does citizens. If the voters weren’t brainwashed, they’d be smart enough to vote against this non-sense.

I will laugh when CA goes bankrupt.


Come on, Cali is as sweet as it gets. You know it, we know it.


The 6th Largest Economy In Theory In The World


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Worry about your own state. I bet they do the same over there. Then, come back here and talk all you want.

So, you are wishing all the posters here lose value on their properties if CA goes BK? Nice!


“Over the last eight years, we added $100 billion in unfunded retirement liability for these funds. This is the elephant in the room of state finances, and it is time we got serious about it.”

That’s in a bull market and the total is $206B.

“We’re already seeing pension liabilities crowd out other spending. General fund revenues have grown 28 percent over the past six years, but the share available for discretionary spending outside of public safety has declined from 21 percent of the budget to 12 percent. Over the same time frame, spending on pensions increased 99 percent.”

That’s the math when pension liabilities grow faster than tax revenue and inflation.


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Uh, Aaron, I would try to refrain from having a house fire or a heart attack anytime soon…


Not the Board, but our police force and judges. Enforce the laws by prosecuting criminals, you idiots!!!


People wonder why more laws isn’t an effective solution. Unless you’re going to spend massive amounts of money on prisons, there’s no room to house more criminals.


Too many frivolous laws on civilians. Criminal laws are not the problems.

Just look at all the housing, planning, building laws, too much for the people. Desperately need some deregulation.


Well, I am really big on big punishments and allowing the public to watch it live on the boob tube. Hey, lil Johnny, thinking about sticking up that candy store? Here, this is what will happen to you if you do. Bingo, urge to stick up that candy store just went away…