Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Can the Bored Of Stupidvisors actually legally do this? I wonder if this is another POS legislation that will be struck down in the courts.


Who has the time or the money to go out to lunch?
The days of the three martini expense account lunch are over.
35 years ago my subcontractors would take me out to lunch. I knew every cool lunch place in SF. Especially the ones with a lingerie lunch.
One of my favorites was the Old Clam House.


Still is, for me…


Still have the tractor seats?


Oh, not sure what you mean? They did build an enclosed outer sunroom dining area, next to the bar dining room. Was that there, when you were making the rounds?


They had tractor seats at the bar.
Haven’t been there in 35 years


Yeah, we are lightweights (more eating than drinking) so didn’t notice or sat at the bar. Cioppino used to be very good there…


Uh, what about the human waste and needles, guys/gals???


Yeah, this is the most pressing problem for SF to tackle.


Too many supervisors, too much government. Let them go home and sweeping floors and streets. They are parasites with an unknown mind


It is easy to pander to the base. Working hard at solving the homeless problem is like trying to get peace in the Middle East. Way past the capability of the Bd of Stupes .


If I were elected, I will require insurance companies to make sure that Marsian environment is protected on Mars.

Of course I would walk to city hall or ride a horse to city hall myself, no cars, no taxis, zero gas consumption.


Come on, the base if you mean us residents/owners/tenants/visitors want the sheet and needles off the street. Who in their right mind submitted this request (Stop Insurers From Investing In Fossil Fuels) in the Inbox???


I I were elected I would require all city employees to adopt one homeless person. Problem solved 2fold


The base are progressives. Bleeding heart liberals


Oh, them…

Come on!!! Yes, I have expounded the virtual that is the world classness of the Fab 7x7 but this is just another case of stupidity. Don’t we have enough local and down to the ground (literally) problems on the plate, gang! Please refocus our precious resources on the problems that hit every Fab 7x7 resident.

Here, more proof…



Why are Sunset people so stingy? Sunset candidates only raise 10% fund of other districts. That’s a laughable amount. Are Sunset residents heavily burdened by their mortgage payment? :rofl:

Go donate and vote for Jessica Ho!


Come on, do you know how much our homes cost??? Stingy my arse…


It is time for sane San Franciscans to take your city back. The radical leftists want to destroy your city. They won’t be happy until they take your homes from you. Wake up there is no way you can satisfy these communists.
There demands have become so unrealistic that nobody will build in SF. And they want to take this agenda statewide.