Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


What’s your next move, Einsteins???


Classic idiots who don’t know how to run a city…


That’s not stupidity. That’s hubris. They calculated the tech companies have nowhere to go because their workers love SF so much. If that’s the case, then those companies better pay up. It’s not like they can move over the bridge to Oakland or God forbid, set shop in San Jose? Wait a minute… :thinking:


Government = hubris.

Ask me how I know.

There is a reason that you face an insurmountable bureaucracy most times you try and be a good guy and deal with a governmental agency.


Yes, blame the tech companies. Don’t blame their own policies which keep new construction from happening.


SF BOS has never met a tax it didn’t like.

City income taxes. I can’t wait for the proposed congestion charge.

This kind of thing works when the market is going your way. But it’s a double whammy when the market turns against you.


Hot off the press: the official uniform for all proletariat (err, workers) in San Francisco as of 1/17 will be the Mao Jacket. Pick your color: gray only…


Win win for Oakland…My Oakland apartments have doubled in value…Thank Bd of Stupes…keep raising taxes…lol


I have to admit, it is helping my 4plex too over there too. Too many down years, time for some gravy…


Don’t they have law professionals vet out their legislation or do they just apply the shotgun approach and hope something sticks? Idiots!!!


Trying to evict a tenant whose drunk teenage guests ran into my building and took out the gas line…It could take 3 months to get this criminal out of the building. …He has endangered the lives of 15 people. .helped commit a felony (it was hit and run) The perps hit and ran, and he wouldnt give them up…And yet he has tenant rights…Makes me sick…Fortunately we found the car owner and are going after their insurance. .Meanwhile the dirt bag tenant gets to live rent free, until we win and file a judgement we will never be able to collect…


Tahoe or stockton or antioch or Modesto?


Cali…doesn’t matter…Took three months to evict in Stockton without cause…The car crash was in Tahoe…My partner is an eviction attorney. .He is doing what he can…Even if the other tenants file an injunction it still can take a month…My wife wants to do a Ukrainian eviction. .bullet to the back of the head…throw him in a ditch and have the bears eat him, attorney advices otherwise…lol


Btw, people think eviction is easier in Nevada…but that is a myth…My broker in Nevada is an expert in evictions…She buys houses at the court house…Just as hard to get rid of tenants there as in Cali…just different but not easier…


My friend managed a large apartment building in Hayward…One of his drug dealing tenants got shot in the parking lot in a drug deal gone bad.The tenant sued my buddy for providing an unsafe environment. …the ultimate in chutzpah. …lol…too bad the tenant wasn’t shot dead…would have solved the problem. .


Funny how tenants generally lie on the applications…Never mention their felonies and unlawful detainers…The millennials are different. .The sharing generation put it on their apps. .Refreshing but stupid…maybe they think everybody has a bad record…besides these days it is easy to find out. .Unfortunately I inherited my bad tenant with the purchase…no disclosure. …lawsuit?..but he has no civil or criminal record in Eldorado county least…


Again, how did we get to this pathetic point? We allow so much extra guano while the court system drags its feet and of course the victims end up enduring even more as a result.


Thank god for smarter people at the State level!!!


Just when I thought the Board was getting smarter…


Why did you think they were getting smarter? Because they were not warning people about high crime rates in San Francisco?