Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


I am sure our wonderful Board leaders will want to prop this up too somehow…


Technically, SF Planning, but still…

If you don’t want developers to work the system, then don’t put stupid limits in.


Gee, Norman, did you ask me a registered SF voter and hefty property tax payer for my opinion on the matter??? Why is one red cent being wasted on someone who is not supposed to be here in the first place?

That Lee has final word on the deal frustrated Supervisor Norman Yee, a committee member who helped craft the compromise deal. “I feel really slighted as a legislator,” he said after the hearing. “It’s not his call to influence our decision.”


Don’t get mad at me for what I am going to bring to the forum.
Yes, some people should have not come over this country at all. But should be judge all of them equal for the deeds of a few? Those whom you call criminals today could be compared, somehow to others in the past. My point is one: Somehow, somewhere, somebody has to step in to help those who are marginalized, criminally generalized by this country’s politicians or their own citizens.

Immigrants, be them Chinese, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, have had their share of criminality or being called such names. Among them, rose some very good people, most of them were good people I guess. Sounds familiar? Things have changed, and acts deemed criminal now, were the normal things in the past, who knows.

For example: Chinese were used and abused and “somebody” had to stand for their rights at some point in history. I hope you have read the following essays I found, it speaks volumes of the hatred, discrimination against Chinese, and their skills to survive in a foreign country. And, allow me to copy a small portion of this long post so you can see that somehow, we, as immigrants have done something close to being a criminal act. Read the following paragraph:

Most significantly, the destruction of city records allowed many Chinese men to claim they were citizens whose records had burned in the fire (SF earthquake). As citizens they had the right to bring wives and children to the U.S., and sold citizenship rights to young men in China who became their “paper sons.”

This is history in the make:

"Immigrants from China first arrived in the 1840s, driven by poverty, hunger, and harsh economic conditions in the southern part of China where most of them originated. Most Chinese immigrants entered California through San Francisco and found work in railroad construction, mining, and agriculture.

Chinese immigrant laborers first began working on the transcontinental railroad in 1865, when fifty were hired by the Central Pacific Railroad on a trial basis. Railroad officials soon realized they could pay Chinese workers less than their Irish counterparts and began recruiting heavily from the mining camps. Railroad owners began advocating for more generous immigration policies towards China. One investor, Leland Stanford, a one-time candidate for governor who actively denounced Chinese immigration during his campaign, openly advocated for the immigration of 500,000 more laborers from China. Many Chinese workers lost their lives from overwork and accidents while blasting the railroad through the Sierra Nevadas. Fed up, thousands of Chinese railroad workers went on strike in 1867 to protest their wages and hours. When business officials cut off the strikers’ food supply, they were forced to give up.

After the completion of the railroad in 1869, ex-railroad workers joined ex-miners in flocking to San Francisco’s Chinatown seeking other employment. Like other immigrant communities past and present, the Chinese established their own institutions and businesses in the growing Chinatown. They became a “bachelor society,” since immigration laws seeking to bolster the business owners’ supply of cheap labor actively discouraged the formation of families by severely restricting the immigration of Chinese women. By the 1880s, men in Chinatown outnumbered women by approximately 20 to 1. The gender imbalance encouraged prostitution rings that preyed upon young women from China, who were often forced into sexual slavery."

Economic depression in the 1870s intensified prejudice against the Chinese. Resentful white workers, spurred on by labor organizers like Denis Kearny, fought to keep Chinese laborers out of California. Racist sentiment also fueled the passage of discriminatory taxes and other practices, utilizing the 1790 Naturalization Act that restricted citizenship to “white” persons. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prohibited further immigration from China. It was renewed in 1892, and finally made permanent in 1902.

The 1906 earthquake and fire proved both disastrous and fortuitous. Chinatown itself was leveled. While efforts were made to move the Chinese sector away from San Francisco’s lucrative central district when it was rebuilt, the courts finally ruled that the Chinese had the right to build on sites they owned. Most significantly, the destruction of city records allowed many Chinese men to claim they were citizens whose records had burned in the fire. As citizens they had the right to bring wives and children to the U.S., and sold citizenship rights to young men in China who became their “paper sons.” Many of these immigrants came through the Immigration Station on Angel Island, in operation from 1910 to 1941, and spent up to several years being detained in cramped quarters and closely cross-examined about their “family connections.”

The exclusion acts were repealed in 1944, when the U.S. needed China as an ally in World War II. Immigration was still effectively restricted by tiny quotas, until the 1965 Immigration Act which repealed all quotas in favor of a family-based reunification policy. Since then, many Chinese immigrants have come to San Francisco, revitalizing not only Chinatown but creating new Chinese neighborhoods in the Richmond and Sunset Districts. Many have come seeking refuge from political instability in China, in the wake of the Revolution of 1949, and most recently from Hong Kong, where the handover of the former British colony to China in 1997 prompted many to migrate. Chinatown is unique in San Francisco for being a homogeneous neighborhood that has remained Chinese for a century. With the recent changes, however, there has been growing diversity of immigrants from different parts of China and Chinese territories, creating some friction between old-timers and newcomers.

courtesy Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, from an immigrant history walking tour conducted Sept. 20, 1997.

Chinatown’s Opium Dens

Historical Essay

by Dr. Weirde

“SF Police Opium Squad,” c. 1900

And it takes little but little imagination to smell the sweet, cloying vapors of opium drifting from places below sidewalk level…

–Samuel Dickson

The first shipment of Chinese opium fifty-two boxes in all arrived in San Francisco in 1861 aboard the clipper Ocean Pearl. By 1864, “the Year of Opium” in San Francisco, huge shipments were arriving regularly, and the City’s first three big drug busts occurred: On January 16th and April 22nd, shipments from the ships Derby and Pallas were seized, and on June 19th a shipment of eggs turned out to have something other than white and yolk in the shells.

Despite occasional crackdowns, the opium trade was never seriously menaced by law enforcement. Chinatown itself was hardly ever visited by police, and the opium dens were almost completely ignored. An English journalist wrote in the 1880’s: “Occasionally, when the police are short of funds, they make a descent on some of the dens but, as a rule, the proprietors are left unmolested.” (The same situation prevails today, except that with asset forfeiture laws the police are legally allowed to keep and sell the property they seize during drug busts, even if the arrestee is later judged innocent.)

The police, who occasionally did find themselves short of funds, encouraged the passage of anti-drug legislation with tirades about the evils of opium. One of the milder ones came from New York Police Chief George W. Walling, who wrote: “Reveries, dreams and stupefaction do not come with one pipe. Again and again the smoker cooks his lump of opium, packs it into the bowl and lazily watches the smoke curl up around the lamp. After awhile the pipe drops from his nerveless hand and there is a glaze on his eyes which are half-shut like a mad man’s. His head falls upon his breast and he is in the opium trance which is either paradise or hell according to the degree of his indulgence in the narcotic.”

The clergy, who were peddling their own opiate-of-the-masses, joined in the anti-opium chorus. Reverend Frederic J. Masters described a San Francisco opium den thus: “The air is sultry and oppressive. A stupefying smoke fills the hovel through the gloom of which the feeble yellow light of three or four opium lamps struggles hopelessly to penetrate. There are two or three wooden beds covered with matting and each is furnished with lamp and pipe. Three Chinamen lie in different stages of stupefaction. The room is about fifteen feet by ten feet, ceiling and walls black with years of smoke. We have been in this den about five minutes and no one has spoken a word. It is like being in a sepulcher with the dead.”'s_Opium_Dens


If the vast majority of citizens of the Fab 7x7 agree to this, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. By the likes of the comments to that article though (at the end), most people agree with me. We voted in our reps to represent us first, not illegals first…


Vote them out then!


Easier said than done…remember, the Fab 7x7 is predominately renters so we always will lean left like the Millennium Tower…


“Keeping them on would cost around $1 million a year.”

For 3 lawyers and 1 paralegal… I thought public defenders were low paid? That’s an average cost of $250k/person. Some of that is pension and benefits (maybe 40??). That’s an average of $150k/yr. So maybe the lawyers are $180k and paralegal is $90k?


Benefits load would be about $40k per person on average. maybe $50k since this is SF. I think this is one area i would agree with marcus335 on. Why are we wasting tax payer money on this. They are here illegally. If they want to stay, they can foot their own attorney’s bill. There is no such aid for legal immigrants.


I understand your concern. But, see? We, those who voted and got stuck with Twhitler don’t have anything to do but cry, complain and vote again and again until we hit payday. Vote them out!

Now, did you see the supporters of that proposition, I kind of thought they were Asian? I salute them. Why? Because they may not have the obtuse vision of others. Not all illegals are Hispanic as the common theory is running here.

Representing my race, I care about the good ones, the criminals? Asians, Hispanic, Europeans, whoever, they got to go!

And, there’s a current way of thinking that from now on, everybody can say or “tell it as it is” because Twhitler put the example. And the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, the insulting of “Orientals”, and so on are not good for this country.

I want everybody to live in peace and harmony. Very simple.



If you’re here legally, then your employer may help. We made it very pubic that we’ll use the full legal resources of the company to help legal immigrant employees.


Lurking in some reports, there are things that some people fail to observe, maybe because they are biased or they really ignore or haven’t read the incidents that happen in a daily basis in their communities. I believe there has been a failure from authorities on both sides of the aisle to enforce some common sense rules. A felon is a felon and got to go. Though I can tell you, I have seen felons getting a green card while hard working people have been deported. It just takes you to be a subject of an immigration court order for you to find out that immigration issues are not about being black or white

*By the way, how did I get this size of font?

As for the activist groups, they’re less calculating than the politicians and consequently reveal the mindset of the pro-sanctuary crowd. Three groups — California Immigrant Policy Center, National Day Labor Organizing Network and Asian Americans Advancing Justice — have worked closely with San Francisco to advance their goal of getting “ICE Out of California.” They and their allies have littered Twitter with their mantra on deportations: #Not1More.

The Asian Americans Advancing Justice group blocked me on Twitter for simply highlighting one of their pro-felon tweets (part of an anti-deportation campaign), which reads: “ICE claims that anyone w/ a felony record is a threat to public safety, we know this isn’t true #FreeDaniel.” Daniel is a Chinese illegal alien felon whom the group wants to keep in the country, even though he’s committed robbery. The group’s website explains that “we all make mistakes.”


Getting back on topic…

Sure, let’s come up with ways to curb beach erosion and mudslides too while you are at it…


Just another example as to why there is no God or he/she is not cool!!!

From another article:

He will be making $240,000 a year, more than double the $117,000 he earned as a San Francisco supervisor. It’s also a lot more than the $104,000 he would have earned if he had won his 2014 state Senate race against David Chiu.


Now Santa Clara County home prices will increase even faster!


I expect our leaders to be objective. Compost was never objective in the Fab 7x7. He had an agenda and ran with it. The Kate Steinle story was an extremely tragic event. Kate could have been easily you or me that fateful morning walking along the SF waterfront with her parents. Compost and his pathetic peers didn’t give a damn about her death, but in a unrelated case (the Mario Woods case) chose to pass useless legislation to have a Day of Remembrance for what was a criminal (he didn’t deserve to die either). Why?

With his track record, I feel for any Santa Clarian…I really do


That sums up the frustration many have with the last 8 years. Criminals who are killed by police are made out to be heroes. Police who have one of their own gunned down on duty get lectured about how they treat minorities.


But I wanted to look back over the last 8 years and ask you a few questions. Since much of the rhetoric before Obama was elected was that he would impose Sharia Law, Take Away Your Guns, Create Death Panels, Destroy the Economy, Impose Socialism and, since you will agree that NONE of this came to pass, I was wondering: Why have you suffered so?

So let me ask: Gays and Lesbians can now marry and enjoy the benefits they had been deprived of. Has this caused your suffering?

When Obama took office, the Dow was 6,626. Now it is 19,875. Has this caused your suffering?

We had 82 straight months of private sector job growth – the longest streak in the history of the United States. Has this caused your suffering?

Especially considering where the economy was when he took over, an amazing 11.3 million new jobs were created under President Obama (far more than President Bush). Has this caused your suffering?

Obama has taken Unemployment from 10% down to 4.7%. Has this caused your suffering?

Homelessness among US Veterans has dropped by half. Has this caused your suffering?

Obama shut down the US secret overseas prisons. Has this caused your suffering?

President Obama has created a policy for the families of fallen soldiers to have their travel paid for to be there when remains are flown home. Has this caused your suffering?

We landed a rover on Mars. Has this caused your suffering?

He passed the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Has this caused your suffering?

Uninsured adults has decreased to below 10%: 90% of adults are insured – an increase of 20 Million Adults. Has this caused your suffering?

People are now covered for pre-existing conditions. Has this caused your suffering?

Insurance Premiums increased an average of $4,677 from 2002-2008, an increase of 58% under Bush. The growth of these insurance premiums has gone up $4,145 – a slower rate of increase. Has this caused your suffering?

Obama added Billions of dollars to mental health care for our Veterans. Has this caused your suffering?

Consumer confidence has gone from 37.7 to 98.1 during Obama’s tenure. Has this caused your suffering?

He passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Has this caused your suffering?

His bi-annual Nuclear Summit convinced 16 countries to give up and destroy all their loose nuclear material so it could not be stolen. Has this caused your suffering?

He saved the US Auto industry. American cars sold at the beginning of his term were 10.4M and upon his exit 17.5M. Has this caused your suffering?

The deficit as a percentage of the GDP has gone from 9.8% to 3.2%. Has this caused your suffering?

The deficit itself was cut by $800 Billion Dollars. Has this caused your suffering?

Obama preserved the middle class tax cuts. Has this caused your suffering?

Obama banned solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. Has this caused your suffering?

He signed Credit Card reform so that rates could not be raised without you being notified. Has this caused your suffering?

He outlawed Government contractors from discriminating against LGBT persons. Has this caused your suffering?

He doubled Pell Grants. Has this caused your suffering?

Abortion is down. Has this caused your suffering?

Violent crime is down. Has this caused your suffering?


Dueling forthcoming legislation in the face of falling eviction rates…makes sense

Focus on the homeless people tenting up on our sidewalks, everywhere there is space!!! Yesterday, in broad daylight at the corner of California and Battery(?) right by 101 California there is a homeless person literally laying right at the corner. Where are the cops that are supposed to be walking their beats??? Unbelievable…


Didn’t you learn? Apparently having adequate police coverage is racist. We should just tolerate lawlessness, but we don’t need to own a gun to protect ourselves.