Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


“And that staff is spread across at least six buildings, which makes it hard to run a unified department.”

Clearly they haven’t learned about modern technology.

Also , the Irony of these SF people. They want open-borders and are a sanctuary city. Yet, they are upset about the homeless and heroin problem. Do they not realize the source of the heroin?



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Wow. Apparently they have to approve this lawsuit settlement. Why not pay a guy $190K when the police followed federal law?


(Assuming you meant why pay a guy $190K when the police followed the federal law?)

Answer: See title of my thread…


What say you, Bored Of Stupidvisors???


The source? The CIA and its operations in Asia during the Vietnam war or prior to it. The beautiful business deal Reagan and Oliver North had with the Contras in Nicaragua and Iran which started the epidemic of crack in the streets of the US. That made Americans open their eyes about the profitability of the opium business and Pablo Escobar raising to popularity.

Oh! Wait! Maybe they are arresting real estate investors tired of chasing the dream?

The station identified Cody Xiong as the suspect arrested and charged with manufacture and trafficking by possession.



Yes, illegals driving those cars through the border :sleeping::scream:

Heroin is usually carried in private vehicles, typically coming through California.:laughing:

And as they say about the economy, “it’s the drug addicts idiot!”:scream:

The DEA reports that Mexican traffickers may be pursuing people the western US who abuse controlled prescription drugs by making and distributing “counterfeit prescription opioid pills which contain heroin instead of opioid painkillers,” as white-powder heroin offers “a more natural transition” than black-tar heroin.

The most common iteration of this is counterfeit OxyContin pills. In addition to hooking new heroin customers, counterfeit prescription pills are a lucrative enterprise, the DEA notes, as the number of abusers of such medications is about 10 times larger than the number of heroin abusers, and such pills can be filled with cheap drugs but command premiums.


CIA involvement in trafficking is usually alleged to be connected to the Contra war in Nicaragua during the Reagan Administration, which acknowledged in 1986 that funds from cocaine smuggling had helped fund the Contra rebels, but stated that the smuggling was not authorized by the US government or resistance leaders.

The charges of CIA involvement in Contra cocaine trafficking were revived in 1996, when a newspaper series by reporter Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News claimed that the trafficking had played an important role in the creation of the crack cocaine drug problem in the United States. Webb’s series led to three federal investigations, none of which found evidence of any conspiracy by the CIA or its employees to bring drugs into the United States.

in the creation of the crack cocaine drug problem in the United States <----:scream::scream:

The participants of this cocaine-Contras deal went to jail, right? :smiley::joy::grin:

Thanks for playing! You sir are a winner!


Speaking of San Francisco, were you there helping the Cubans at the docks Marcus? Cubans, oh boy! As if I don’t know them well…:sweat_smile::laughing:

On December 20, 1985, these and other additional charges were laid out in an Associated Press article after an extensive investigation which included interviews with “officials from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Customs Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Costa Rica’s Public Security Ministry, as well as rebels and Americans who work with them”. Five American Contra supporters who worked with the rebels confirmed the charges, noting that "two Cuban-Americans used armed rebel troops to guard cocaine at clandestine airfields in northern Costa Rica. They identified the Cuban-Americans as members of Brigade 2506, an anti-Castro group that participated in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Several also said they supplied information about the smuggling to U.S. investigators." One of the Americans said "that in one ongoing operation, the cocaine is unloaded from planes at rebel airstrips and taken to an Atlantic coast port where it is concealed on shrimp boats that are later unloaded in the Miami area."[3]

On March 16, 1986, the San Francisco Examiner published a report on the “1983 seizure of 430 pounds of cocaine from a Colombian freighter” in San Francisco which indicated that a “cocaine ring in the San Francisco Bay area helped finance Nicaragua’s Contra rebels.” Carlos Cabezas, convicted of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, said that the profits from his crimes “belonged to … the Contra revolution.” He told the Examiner, “I just wanted to get the Communists out of my country.” Julio Zavala, also convicted on trafficking charges, said "that he supplied $500,000 to two Costa Rican-based Contra groups and that the majority of it came from cocaine trafficking in the San Francisco Bay area, Miami and New Orleans."[7]


There’s the pivot. You crack me up though. Now you say the government created the crack cocaine problem in America. Yet, you want the government in charge of healthcare. That seems like a logical choice.


Well, you started with I don’t know what about sanctuary cities and in it, very subtle, you aimed at illegal people and the drug whatever. I pointed out at the fact that it wasn’t a problem until the Jedi Reagan messed up the whole country by addicting people on the streets with crack-cocaine. Why did you pivot to other topics then? Keep the topic going on, will ya?

Ohhh…government? Always lying to you? You mean this?


And that’s going to take place immediately…never? :laughing:

Healthcare for a fraction of the price? :scream:

Everybody’s got to be covered…:laughing:

That’s government working for you right there! :sleeping:


Apparently you don’t know that cocaine and heroin are 2 different drugs. Yes, the SF people are complaining specifically about heroin (needles). A high percent of the homeless use heroin. They don’t realize the lack of a secure border is why there’s so much heroin in this county. They want to be a sanctuary city and have open borders. Yet, they can’t draw the connection between those decisions and the heroin and homeless problem in the city.

I’d prefer if healthcare was 100% privatized with zero government involvement. I don’t expect or want the government to fix things. As you pointed out, they have a long track record of screwing things up. Only an idiot would trust the government to fix something for them.


Some leftist democrats give death threats to fellow Californian dems over health care bill


They are the side of enlightenment and tolerance. As long as you agree with their views. It’s no wonder they are the ones that want to take away guns. They realize how violent their base is. It is funny in a state with a democrat super majority they can’t even pass single-payer. I really wish they would, so Americans could observe what a disaster it is.

What’s hilarious is the entire state budget is $266B. This healthcare bill would cost $400B/yr. Sure, some of the $266B current budget also covers healthcare and could be reallocated. They still would need a way to pay for the vast majority of the $400B/yr in spending. Their best case scenario is re-purpose existing federal, state, and local funds to cover $200B of it and add a 15% payroll tax to cover the rest. I guess if you’re low-income then a 15% payroll tax seems like a great deal for healthcare.


What a bunch of morons…


How are they supposed to get money if they can’t steal bikes and sell the parts?

Wow, they’d get an administrative citation without a fine. They are really serious about cracking down on chop shops.

Hmm, stolen bikes are part of a larger drug trade problem. Where are the drugs from?

I love how they pass legislation to set a goal, but when they do it there’s no actions to meet the goal. Cool, can I get some legislation to reduce gravity by 10%?