Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Just like in Washington…

Can we please get some real legislative work done???



No. The government is the problem not the solution. They take how much of our income, and how are they helping us? We need to downsize government and let people keep more of the money they earn.


I’ll take a wild stab, Republican???:slight_smile:


No. They are big government in a different way. Why do we need to spend so much on our military? Most of the world are allies.

The big problem is both parties want big government in different ways. When they get power, they increase spending for their own pet projects. Spending never decreases though. I’m sick of government of all levels saying they have a revenue problem. No, your revenue is growing faster than inflation. It’s a spending problem not a revenue problem. Government spending is unsustainable if it grows faster than inflation… Yet, that’s what we have (especially with entitlement programs).

Meanwhile, everyone is too distracted to notice we are in worse financial shape than Greece. Our only saving grace is we could always print our way out of the problem and deal with the fallout and instability it causes.


Inflation is 2%, so you are saying their revenue is rising faster than 2%. Recall you mention that PA county budget for 7% (or is it 10%) increase per year which is more than 2%, so you got 1 case. Did you do a quick checks of other government body’s annual budget?


This is the exact stuff that drives me nuts.

People want to blame the rich, the government, or everyone but themselves for why things are too hard for them. The data says it’s due to their own decision making. People make bad decisions, blame everyone else for why life is harder, then expect the government to fix it for them and create a more equal outcome. We turn the rich into villains who are to blame for other people being poor. It’s not socially acceptable to say the poor are poor because they make bad decisions. Granted, if we actually could say that, then maybe we’d look for solutions to education people to make better decisions. We’d actually be looking to address the root cause. Instead, we attempt to right a wrong that doesn’t exist by taking from the rich and giving it away to the poor. How about people be responsible for their own decisions and not make stupid ones?


Moraga is 4.3%/yr and that’s just property tax increase. They also added a sales tax 3 years ago, so their tax revenue is growing even faster.

Also, there was the whole Kansas lowered taxes and it created a revenue problem hysteria. Kansas tax revenue has actually increased every year since the tax cut.


Of course, tents for homeless people and potholes for tax paying citizens…


Sweet…how bad can a couple earning 138K be for renters in the Fab 7x7 and be considered affordable housing eligible??? Cha-ching!!!


The cry baby republicans control the house, and can’t pass anything? Man! And bitch about it claiming obstruction, as if they didn’t do it for 8 foxing years! :joy::joy::joy:

Worse? They cried and moaned for 8 years asking for Obamacare replacement and were caught red handed when they didn’t have anything written down! I call that the sum of all stupid things in the world! :triumph:

Like they think a boss is going to hire them when criticizing all the other competitors but with no resume when called for an interview. :sob: With this administration, any dumb…Hired!:laughing: I think I will go and apply :rofl:

But their supporters? Worse, they can’t even comprehend what a majority means. :star_struck:

Putin is laughing behind the curtains. He’s got what he wanted, a mess, distractions on a daily basis, twitting stupidity just to avoid confronting the press, the executive orders being signed like printing worthless dollars, etc, etc. etc. etc. etc. Clap, clap, clap!:hugs:


I repeat, if all of the people voted the way they should have (@harriet’s teammates) we would not be in this predicament now…

Yes, minorities too, especially all of the ones he bashed and would throw out yet some people are masochists.

I am getting older, so I don’t necessarily want these 4 years to go by too fast yet what choice do I have?


Yes, technically not the BOS but Dennis Herrera our City Attorney seems to be the idiot this time. On the surface, what was the problem Dennis? Your staffer finds some funny business going on so why not FIX it you idiot??? Oh, because you had better things to do, like create sanctuary city laws maybe??? Lame… great, more money out of my pocket to pay for your incompetence!!!


You should talk to some people that work for the city of SF. They were a bond measure to remodel 9 libraries. Of course, it was approved. It benefits kids. Well, they blew through the budget on just 4 libraries. Residents approved another bond measure to remodel the remaining 5 libraries. No one even remembered or cared that they already approved money to do it once, and the money was completely mismanaged. They get completely strong-armed by the unions. The unions end up controlling the projects and ignoring the budget. The project ends up being what the union wants (AKA: whatever creates the most jobs and costs the most) not what the city wants.


Oh come on. When I was at Lowell High School, we had a fund raiser for building a baseball diamond or something in the open field that is there. Nothing ever happened, nothing remotely a diamond got built. Someone took the money and ran… My first experience with getting hosed on funds voted and earmarked for something… scarred for life…


Gosh, imagine if she did some real legislating…


Hillary is a big failure. The harder she works, the more miserable the SF people


Well, she is new to the game. Let’s see how she votes on that Sunset marijuana store should it hit the full Board. Hey, not going to lie. You vote my way, I like you. You don’t, you’re lame!!!


Wonder if this will hold up in court? Calling Andrew Zacks…you’re needed in the emergency room!!!


Hmmm, this is the newly elected Supervisor who was complaining about not having enough staff??? Not looking good early in the 1st Quarter…


Wow, Malia, I may have to take you off my list of idiots…