Definition Of Idiots: SF Board Of Supervisors


Ronen is trending towards a silly Campos. She’ll propose many daydream ideas and waste the board’s time. It could be a good way to consume the stupidvisors so that less garbage bills will be approved

What she’s proposing is not harmful to anyone, I would give her my support as long as her district can contribute to the cost

We need more of this kind of ideas so that stupidvisors will cause less harm to the citizens by discussing their daydreams all year long


But, but, what happened to electing people who actually do some good for the citizenry??? Am I really asking for too much??? The last thing I would think you would want is a rep who is incompetent and completely out of touch. I really should run. I think I have a good sense of fairness and I would not waste resources and time. Policies should not take forever to get done. I would rather try something first than do absolutely nothing.


This is better than a rep who is extremely competent yet completely out of touch. :slight_smile:


Yeah. Sometimes incompetence is preferred.

I don’t believe SF policy can change for better. It’s better to leave it as is, it can only get worse. Incompetence will make the worsening slower


As a city that usually knows how to lead, it is sad to see how how pathetic our leadership has become. Starting at the top, I was high on Ed at first, but lately he has disappointed me greatly. Then you have the Supes who are really out of touch. Do some real work, people!!!


Yes, not the BOS but this was not worth a new thread either…


Just the tyranny of the vocal minority at work. Screw property rights which are a foundation of this country.


[quote=“sfdragonboy, post:147, topic:332”]
Mission group wants ‘Monster On Mission’ developer to give up land
[/quote]Is this mission group, Nimbys or renters?

[quote=“marcus335, post:148, topic:332”]
Screw property rights which are a foundation of this country.
[/quote]Too much freedom of speech… can say whatever they want or wish… reasonable or not, doesn’t matter. Is why I don’t believe in free speech.


I’m OK with free speech. People should be free to speak their thoughts. If people don’t like it, they can ignore it. However, this isn’t free speech. It’s bullying to force action. If someone refuses, then they get labeled racist, sexist, anti-poor, etc, etc. The insults are meant to shame the person into doing what the small group wants. It’s pure mob mentality.

I also disagree with Antifa that if you’re offended by someone’s speech, then you have the right to physically attack them. Those Antifa idiots are going to wake up a sleeping giant of former military. The Antifa movement isn’t going to end well for those people.


Mostly renters I believe who are getting priced out. I would think the owners either sold out by now or probably love the fact that the area might actually get cleaned up and safer…


Has to wonder after all these incidents, would people who can buy still rent? Going forward, more appreciation as more people realize it is better to own?


Not to say we did not work hard for all that we have, but the fact is, a lot of people here are simply never going to own. Not at these prices. Come on, rent is already a burden for a lot of the people. Take your pick: (1) some people simply never earned enough to buy or (2) those renters that honestly should have bought a long time ago but thought the day of reckoning would never come. I know a few in the #2 camp. What can you say, right? They gambled and lost…big


Those 2 groups you mentioned are not the one who can buy :rofl:
These guys listen to the wrong financial advice. The truth is always buy once you can afford to buy regardless of market conditions in USA because of 30-year fixed interest loan. Elsewhere may differ.


Home ownership is literally the biggest driver of the wealth gap. Almost everyone should get on the train. The only reason I can see not to is is you need all your cash to start a business.


No, I do know some renters that actually do or did earn enough to buy but they didn’t because of not saving their money like their Mommy and Daddy told them or did not teach them.


Jane is at it again…


Sorry, Planning Dept are the idiots…

Just let 'em build!!!


Arrogance and stupidity… These planners worry about the buildings looks… What about the look of homelessness?? don’t they thing there are consequences to their anti growth attitude?


Ask Houston about the dumb republican planners not taking in consideration what here in CA is a rule. Now they are left with a mess in their city. Next!

By the way, I heard a Nazi harassing people in the metro got beat up in Seattle. I hope the guy woke up after being dumped as the filth he is. Who lives there anyway? Hmmm…I remember some Nazi-KKK follower…I forgot his or her name. :rofl:

Is that you in the picture?


The Millennium tower is in SF not Houston… Stupid zoning is worse than no zoning… Even smart zoning can’t stop bad engineering… Government creates nothing… But can make a bad situation worse… SF homelessness is definitely a creation of bad governance