Did Not Know San Jose Has Such Grand Old Houses


This stately home has long been recognized as one of Historic Hanchett Park’s most coveted properties. It has the distinction of being one of the few in the community built in the English Colonial style. The architectural elements that best define the home have been beautifully maintained throughout the decades. Other features have been restored and tastefully remodeled to incorporate modern home conveniences, while blending seamlessly with the original style. Established in 1905, Hanchett Park was one of San Jose’s earliest subdivisions, The developers hired renowned architect John McLaren (also known for designing Golden Gate Park in San Francisco) to design the streets, lots and public utilities. In the following two decades many of the San Jose’s most distinguished homes were built on Martin Avenue for San Jose’s elite. In recent years Hanchett Park had been identified as part of the Greater Rose Garden community, although it has its own rich history that predates the Rose Garden.

Here is the google street view of it. The whole street is lined with palm trees that were probably planted in 1905.


But I hate palm trees… Objects that provide no shades should not be called trees.

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