Do I need an agent or lawyer when renting out my apartment and living in a rented house?

I want to rent out my apartment and live in a rented house in a nearby town. I have to move out first because I have three cats, and they go crazy if they can’t go outside even for an hour. I’ll need a fenced-in yard in a house. I can’t tell a renter the apartment’s ready by a certain date, and then one of the cats will not show up from its roaming outside.

So I need to get a renter as fast as possible after moving out, or lose money by paying rent without receiving rent money in turn and having to pay the bills in both houses.

Question is; is it worthwhile to hire an agent to help me get a renter faster? How much faster can an agent be in getting a renter before I can?

And most importantly, do I need a lawyer or agent present when signing a contract? Will it be risky to do it all on my own, having never rented out? How helpful is an agent anyway when signing a contract?

It’s probably against your lease to sublease your apartment to someone else.

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Is his/her apartment. He/she is considering whether to sell or rent out the apartment.

Depending on where is the location, could be hard to rent out apartment during this pandemic. Anyhoo, his/her wish of immediately renting out the apartment as he/she occupies a new rented house can’t be done even pre-Covid. Usually needs some preparation/ minor touchups/ repairs before it can be rented especially for first time. Also depending on when to rent out, could take few weeks to few months to get a renter (from listing to handover the keys).