Do I tell the new owners?

Just signed the last of the closing docs yesterday evening. Close is on the 6th.
The time stamp on this is wrong; I never set it. It is 9 days ago at 11:44pm. That’s my soon to be ex-deck in the background. Note the musculature and tail if you don’t recognize this. Scale is hard to judge but no, it isn’t the neighbor’s kitty. I suppose the collar, indicating it’s part of a study, gives it a sort of domesticated look though. Buyers are a nice fit young couple with no kids. Don’t know about pets.

If they have outdoor cats, not for long

I can’t make it out. Mountain lion? Coyote?? Tell me what you think it is. For all I know, it’s a loose dog given the collar.

Looks like a Mountain Lion. Check out the tail.

It is definitely a mountain lion. The elongate body, musculature and tail confirm it. The apparent size is misleading.

Tell them they have their own pet kitty cat.

and charge them for the cat.

You mean their own “Guard pet kitty cat” :slight_smile:

Good point. Who wants the neighbor’s pets peeing and pooing on their property anyway?

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I need that puusycat in my vineyard. Some how the deer are jumping the seven foot fences.


Oooooh. And you get venison as a side perk.

I was thinking, the old rule is “Disclose, disclose, disclose”.
If in doubt - disclose.

But he wrote his disclosures weeks ago. They were as of that day.

That’s why I don’t go back to the property that I’m selling (closing Wednesday). I’m afraid tenants inform me about a minor calamity that I don’t need to address, but should disclose to the buyer.

OT and too pithy to deserve it’s own but I’m making another run with stuff to AZ tomorrow and wondering whether to come back Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Anyone know how bad the Labor Day weekend rush is going INTO the Bay Area? Is the traffic mostly outbound?

Wow. Is it a first sighting? I’ve seen blurbs about wildlife included in seller descriptions/disclosures before. Regardless, I agree it would be a helpful gesture to communicate to the buyers what you saw (maybe at closing, as a reminder of the property’s natural surroundings). If being in semi-wilderness was a feature for them (like it is for campers:) ), I’m sure they will be thrilled.

But being aware is always preferred to being caught off guard.

Almost everyone with a game camera here has come up with at least one. A truly magnificent example bounded in front of my car on Alpine road some weeks ago. As it reached the shoulder it stopped and looked right at me through the windshield. Mesmerizing.

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You can’t control what wildlife passes through the yard. Don’t people expect that out where your house is?

I would definitely let the new owners be aware. It’s the right thing to do.