Don't ever buy an upslope house

A 60 year old upslope house in Marin County had the hill slide into it…Destroyed, lucky to get out alive…Downslopes can slide too, but you can ride the slide down…Better than having tons of mud coming down on top of you…


Geez, the address was 287 even…oh well, there goes that theory

This winter is shaping up to be the toughest winter since 1982…A legendary year…A record 67" of snow in 24hrs…We have had 2-48" dumps in 2 days…Plus now major rain like in early January and October.
Could be major flooding with the spring melt…Definitely been challenging in Tahoe. .The snow is welcome, but the rain is causing local flooding and is a real pain. …

Buy baby! Buy!
Well, maybe not!

The house in San Rafael is probably free…The land has negative value…

67" snow? That’s taller or as tall as many people. Do
You really have 5 ft of snow on the ground? Many animals and kids and even adults could be fallen into the snow and never be able to get out

We currently have about 3’ at the lake and 15’ at the top of Heavenly. …It is wet snow and has compacted down from the 380" that has already dumped on the top of the mountain.

Is it possible for a skier to be submerged into snow when off the trail? 15’ is scary and sometimes people lose control

I have had to deal with ice daming, flooding, power outages, snow removal and damage from too much snow. …Historically nasty conditions. …am feeling nostalgia for drought

The snow is compacted so a skier will only sink in a few inches. …but you have to be careful about tree wells and other areas where soft powder snow collects…

The first time I saw snow I was 8…A big pile of it on the side of the road in Flagstaff Arizona…Probably pushed there by the snow plow…I jumped in up to my waist…I was cold, wet and shocked…Have loved snow ever since. .Grew up in Berkeley, no snow but lots of fog and rain…Love snow, hate fog and rain…

off trail it’s possible:

(usually when a tree gets covered by snow and makes a “well”

The first time I saw snow…it was funny. I was visiting this friend’s workplace. It was March in NY. He worked at this sea food store. I find the address, I get out of the car, walk towards the store, and I can see all the fish and whatnot on the freezers, you could see them through the window. So, I see this pile of shaved ice and I said to myself “wow! why are they throwing out the ice when they need it in the freezers, what a waste of money”. :grin:

My house address has 3 fours. I didnt know about the 4 thing before I bought. What do I do now?

Many zip codes have 4 in it. Can we file a petition to change all 4 to 8 in CA?

Srinivas, you can try to change your street number with the city. I might be possible if there is gap

Come on, don’t lose any sleep over this. It is just me playing…sort of :slight_smile:

When you bought the house (assuming thru normal channels) didn’t you find it ironic that not one Asian person was at the open house and that you bought the house for 15% under asking??? :slight_smile: