Don't Forget About Biotech Too

High tech gets a lot of the press around here of course but let’s not forget about biotech too…

The world needs its drugs, drugs, drugs…

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Bay Area job market includes Software/Tech, next Bio-tech and then financials. Tech and Bio-tech are high across 9 counties.

Based on my ETFs return, year 2016, both are coming down. Consumer related Utilities and Real estate are good.

Biotech has long been strong in upper peninsula and SF. I hope it will spread more to the east bay, to spread the wealth a bit more evenly…

Forget it. :rofl:

HQ where again??? That’s right…

When tech bust comes, hope biotech will save our housing market

Why so worried? The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live. SF especially has been through booms and busts and we continue to thrive. Our economies are pretty diverse and not just a one trick pony totally dependent on tech. I just went out for a walk outside and it is frankly balmy and nice. Come on, it is November 1st!!!

Santa Clara county has a huge concentration on tech. Even SF now also has many small and vulnerable tech companies

I thought I’d add this here, but maybe wrong place… Stock rec:

Apparently a friend of mine is slated for her latest trial and thinks very highly of her.


It’s based in SD, not SSF.

Seems that biotech did not cause San Diego housing price to soar. Maybe they don’t hire many people in the long process of finding a blockbuster drug. This company has been 5 years, may get acquired instead of IPO

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yeah, just thought it was a good one to watch. I’d hate to say that knowing someone with cancer who thinks this is a great company is a good reference, but hey… sometimes it happens.

Their drug is not even approved yet. How did the patient get access to their drug under development?

Drug trials. She’s applied to be a candidate, but I think she might’ve also been on whatever the lady made fo Pfizer.