Don't sell your house.....yet

During a July 2017 rally in Youngstown, the president told supporters, “Don’t sell your house’’ because the jobs are “all coming back.’’ Even before Monday’s announcement, though, the Lordstown plant had already lost two shifts and **3,000 jobs, with 1,500 left.:disappointed_relieved::sweat::sleepy:

‘Vote for Me’

William Binning, a former Republican Party chairman in Mahoning County and an emeritus political science professor at Youngstown State University, said Trump’s re-election bid in Ohio would take a hit if the Lordstown plant closes and nothing replaces it.

“I don’t see politically how he could come back here and face these people and say, ‘Vote for me,’’’ Binning said.

Both Bernie and Trump voters are pro tarrifs. What they both don’t realize is tarrifs will not bring jobs back.

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Here, any smart person should watch this.

This dumb administration was warned that the new tax cuts would help outsourcing jobs, which is what GM is doing. They took their money, bought back stocks, and now are laying off people.

By the way, I remember a poster here saying the new tax cuts would bring money from overseas. Well, time for him to take that blindfold from his eyes.