Down Goes Marissa!

Dang, hopefully I don’t lose my cherished Yahoo email account…

The once pundits think can be CEO Apple.
Notwithstanding, I won’t mind to be in her position.

Umbrella (money) aside, was Marissa actually a good, effective leader? Seriously, did she do wonders for Yahoo or simply manned the ship while it slowly sank? I don’t know any details about her but I do have a soft spot for Yahoo…

I saw she was recently rated the 2nd worst CEO behind the United Airlines CEO. That’s pretty bad.

She’s a workaholic that demands the same of her employees. She was quoted as saying she could tell which startups would make it without even seeing their business plan or product. It was based on how many people were in the office on Saturdays.


I’m trying to think of a female business entrepreneur who disrupted an industry and created a multi billion dollar business. Anyone came to your mind?

Well, she may not have disrupted an industry but I have to believe despite the short stint behind bars that Martha Stewart’s empire must be worth a fair amount…

Not sure if her company’s market cap ever reached $1 billion…

Another disappointment like Carly, Meg and Martha

At its height, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was worth $2 billion. Her company is being sold to Sequential Brands Group for $353 million.Jul 1, 2015

Oh ok… that makes one, barely… but I think Martha is a bad female role model for people though because of her underhanded equity dealings…

Among all business female leaders in SV, I like Sheryl Sandberg most.
She is compassionate as well as passionate.
Marissa Mayer, definitely not.

She is not a business entrepreneur, she didn’t start FB, she is an employee.

The woman that invented Spanx. She’s a billionaire.


I blame the Board more than Mayer for the downfall of Yahoo.

Come on, how can we forget Oprah???

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I don’t think Yahoo fell down. It’s been a very successful company in its own right!!! People are only comparing it to the likes of google and fb and say it is a failure. But compare to a thousand other companies it’s much more successful!!!

That’s right.
That is why I didn’t reply to wuqijun’s comment.
I just wanted to make my own comment about this topic…
If I wanted to reply to wuqujun’s question, then I would consider the track record of business success rather than leadership.

Stop picking on women you guys, shame on you! :laughing:

I just question myself, what do I have to do to get to their level? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are right! I’m no business entrepreneur to begin with… I’m just an investor. Poor me! :sob:

Now I sound like @manch

I hope she has changed her “mantra” after her performance at Yahoo.
Read somewhere most of Yahoo stock gains are due to holding alibaba & Yahoo japan.

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