Downloading the old forum

For anyone with a Mac familiar with linux/unix commands, you can use wget to download the old forum, but you may have to install wget.

So I started the download last night. BUT oh my! It’s still going!!!

I wonder how many days this will take!

wget will not work with redfin as they blocked using some method. I tried it long back

The only way is to get bookmark by bookmark using HTTrack Website Copier

It seems to be working for me, though it does look a little odd, but the text is what matters.

The download is still going though. I wonder how prompt they’ll be at actually shutting the forums off. I’m not sure I’ll get it all in time. Ahh well. Should’ve started earlier. Not like I didn’t have warning.

I tried wget long back, it kicks junk message

For each bookmark, it is easy to get the pages.

If you download entire site, it will not complete.