Duplex under 1M in Redwood

What do you think about this duplex?

It is a SFH but used as duplex. Any problem with the city? Appreciate any opinions :slight_smile:

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Inspections asi

Super convenient location: everything nearby: train, stores, downtown etc.
School (s) next block - terrible traffic in the morning and lousy teenagers crossing streets :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::triumph:

Multi Families around - loud and no parking in the evening at all.
You will hear train all the time
There is Arroyo creek - if its on your property it may create extra pain in the aspirin.

In terms of duplex/SFH - city may give you hard time but everything can be fixed. In general RWC building department is good. It depends how terrible this conversion was done.


Are you buying as investment rental?

No. I get these flyers al the time. Put it on here to show that prices in the BA are insane. Ten times the price of Sacramento. Pride of ownership premium is only worth so much. They are too embarrassed to show the cap rate. Probably less than 3.
The cell tower could be a negative for a lot of tenants with ten foil hats.

Are you still investing in Sac? How’s the rent growth over there? Still growing like crazy?

Still don’t want to diversify from CA?
Your job is in CA,
Your rental is in CA,
Your stocks are HQ in CA,

I am transitioning from active to passive investments. I sold my Sacramento apartments. Still good opportunity there and in Tahoe. But it looks like prices are growing slowly or flat everywhere. Still opportunities for value add and development.

What do you consider passive investment? If you hire a PM, your Sacramento apartment would become passive immediately

Seems low, but they are 2 1BRs. Dino’s right that it’s a morning traffic nightmare.

Are there garages? Could definitely explain the low-price. The interior looks old and might need some fixing.

Also, be aware, there’s going to be a lot of construction on the other side of Harrison, but it’s supposed to be townhouses, so it’ll improve the value of the neighborhood.

Finally feeling old :grinning: What take you so long?

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Yeah, I’m think buying as an investment, I may live in one unit and rent out the other unit. Do you think it’s possible to expand each unit into 2bd/2ba?

The lot is certainly big enough I think. Only issue is whether the building department will allow. Anyway it’s good idea to bring it up to code if it’s not already.

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Make sure you get it vacant on close of escrow. Redwood City passed some nasty ordinances to manage rentals last year


Oh good to know, let me talk to the city to find more.

Look at ordinance 2449 and 2450