Dystopian Bay Area in 2070 Scenarios

I like scenario 1 much better than 4. 4 is too goody goody and unrealistic.

Seattle and Toronto are just like the Bay Area with some time lag. If Bay Area turns into rust belt I don’t think Seattle and Toronto will be far behind.

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Seattle is like Bay Area. Toronto is like Vancouver.

I always think if center of SV moves east to pleasanton we can cut down housing cost by more than 50%. You open up a big chunk of land in the Central Valley and people can commute from say Stockton. Couple that with autonomous driving SV can stay the king for another 50 years.

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Housing is a problem, but it’s a manmade problem and we fully control the housing policy in our own hand. Housing won’t break us because we’ll make changes when the hurt is at the right level. Maybe current hurt is not strong enough and plenty of people are happy right now.

The real danger is when technology is becoming extinct. Rust belt was because of Japan and Germany

You need to cross some mountains to get to Pleasanton. Just look at how windy Hwy 680 is. Geography limits this kind of expansion.

Japan turned Midwest into a rust belt. China will turn California into another rust belt :scream:

Trump is screwing up China to protect liberal Californians?

trump is trying to help me to buy house in hk
hk chinese money flowing back to china. hk house slow down decline.

Trump can’t do sh*t against China. He might think he can but the joke’s on him.

This is my vision as well. But curiously SPUR has no solution to housing. It provided vision for transit, that’s all. Maybe it makes sense. Public transit needs a lot of public discussion and it should be the only focus for us. Housing will follow by private industry and private citizens.

SPUR is good and not annoying at all.

“Fast and reliable transit, managed regionwide by a single rail and transit authority, provides the backbone of our transportation system, connecting to the lower-density parts of the region via shared autonomous vehicles, ebikes and new forms of personal transportation. Because we worked to bridge the digital divide, these services are available to everyone.

Our communities are designed to encourage walking and biking. Many neighborhoods have car-free commercial blocks like those found in European cities. Autonomous vehicles and drones deliver some of our goods, but the sidewalks are for people. We welcome new people and new ideas, which has allowed a dynamic economy to prosper.”

Which area are you looking at? Still pretty high though.

yes it’s still high. but in some cases i do see slowdown. The feel shifted overall from ppl that i heard.
maybe tokwawan/ho man tin area. i’m comfortable around this area

Ho Man Tin?? Wow you baller!

not now man. that’s why if opportunity appears , i have to have funds ready

I grew up in tokwawan and went to school in Ho man tin. Back then HMT was not high end at all. There used to be a public housing estate which I heard they tore down.

You are dating yourself…

There are a lot of rich people hoarding the public housing units for the feng shui.

I am no spring chicken that’s for sure.

Another hint: I used to walk to the old Kai Tak airport from my home and hanged out there like a loser.

uncle manch is the baller