Earthquake risks (in St. Louis)

Very low earthquake risk in Sacramento

That’s way too far to drive to Redwood City or SF.

Tracy, Stockton, Mtn House, Paterson all low seismic risk

Houseboats are perfect in a quake…Plenty in Redwood City, Sausalito, Alameda

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Not a bad idea… :slight_smile: Isn’t docktown moving though?

What’s wrong with Fremont??? I would be there in an instant if weren’t for my wife’s commute.

These floating homes could solve the BA housing shortage and could easily be prefabbed and delivered from anywhere in the world…The whole South Bay south of the San Mateo bridge is basically mud flats 10’ deep with a narrow channel down the middle. .Thousands of house boats would not harm the bay…In fact they would provide habitat for fish…Ferries could handle the extra commuters…An elegant solution…Simple, smart and inventive. …Bound to be attacked by all the environmental hate groups…

It’s not a bad choice right now. Before all of us were working/schooling between RWC and Palo Alto. Now we’re spread out with 2 in SF, 3 in RWC,

It would lengthen my commute, and possibly 2 of my kids’, an hour or more a day and adds a $5/day tax per driver (currently 1 driver).

It means that I probably can’t try putting DS2 into D-Tech High school which I think would be the best high school for him (he is smart, but hates school, but I think he would do great with a design/business focus–he’s already laser cutting stuff to sell to kids at school). However dTech is lottery based, so he might not make it in anyways. Are there schools in Fremont that have a good program for business/entreprenuer type kids?

DH is working in SF right now, so it’s equal for him, but if DH moves back to a job on the peninsula, then +1 hour +$5 for him as well.

DS1 is against taking Bart because one of his classmates was robbed on Bart, so he’s kind of freaked out about Barting alone and there’s no one else from his school living that direction (last person gets off in Oakland/Piedmont I think). I would say the latter is a genuine concern–he’s a small, thin kid, who is not going to do well in a fight.

But given the circumstances it’s not a bad choice, and it’s certainly under consideration. Pacifica being the other consideration just as far away–which doesn’t require a $5/day tax, and which would shorten DH and DS1’s commute. I don’t know whether Barting to Daly City is any safer, but I do know there are a number of other kids doing that commute, possibly all the way to Daly City. Pacifica is in San Mateo county, so first dibs at Dtech high school.

What do people think of Bart? Would you send your 14 year old on Bart alone?

Would you absolutely choose Fremont over Pacifica?

On BART, that was unfortunately a bad incident that was hopefully an isolated event. (Sure, easy for me to say, right?). I used to take BART to Oakland for work years ago. If you are taking BART during the regular work/school week and during regular hours if anything the trains are packed with people. Punks like this wouldn’t have a chance with so many people around.

Yes, I would take Fremont over Pacifica. I am looking to exchange my Oakland property for something in SF down to San Bruno right now and the subject of Pacifica came up since a nice looking Colonial style home came up in Pacifica and I asked my realtor friend who is based in this general region (DC to San Mateo) about the city. He said to avoid Pacifica due to the wear and tear on the homes from the weather. Now, I am in the Sunset with the same/similar fog and cold but he held to that opinion. I agree, pricing there is not bad but perhaps that is why…

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Schools in Pacifica aren’t so great either. Plus there’s going on route 1 with everyone else… I have yet to drive that, but I should.

There’s two other things that could swing it one way or another. My youngest two kids are in two different schools. I’m hoping to apply #3 to #2’s school which goes up to 8th grade. I think she’ll get in. If she does, I’m inclined to keep them there, especially because it’s taken a while for #2 to make friends. If she doesn’t, then I have to figure out what to do with her anyways… Right now the triple pickup is killing me.

The other thing is that next year, DS1 should apply to high schools. He could stay in his current school in SF, or there are two schools in SJ area that he should apply to. If he chose one of the SJ schools, then it might make sense to move south instead but then I’ve no clue whatsoever what to do with the other two kids.

Essentially we need to make this decision all at once next year. Possible DH’s company will IPO next year as well which would let us know how much we have for down payment as well. (We are no longer allowing the inlaws to be a part of the homebuying process, so now waiting for a down payment.)

This could be a very well-timed set of events or a very badly timed one! We’ll see how it goes.

Linda Mar is the place to live in Pacifica. .Above the fog line. .It is the farthest from the City though. …Hi 1 can be avoided mostly on Sharp Park rd

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PS: I’m pretty sure that it did happen during commute hours :frowning:

Question regarding San Bruno—are you concerned about airplane noise?

If we are talking about this fairly publicized event, it was on a Saturday night and if I remember correctly there weren’t a lot of riders on there.

Well, I am concerned but not as much as SSF. Sure, things can change in a jiffy. Yesterday, I went and saw a SSF home and if it weren’t for the fairly loud plane noise (time interval was spaced out long but still kinda loud) it would have been a decent buy. After that, I drove around and did find a wonderful home in the San Bruno hills that I really liked. The plane noise there was minimal at best since the planes were very high up at that point. I am liking this one enough to make the wifey go look at it this week after work and if she likes it as much as I do we will most likely bid on it. I suspect it will be a dogfight for this one since everyone will want it. If I had my Oakland property all done and sold I would be willing to fight extra hard for it.

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No, specifically, one of my son’s schoolmates was threatened/robbed during his commute to or from school on Bart. I don’t have a lot of specifics. The kid is ok, but it has left an impression on my son such that he is not comfortable riding Bart alone.

Oh, I see, but honestly crap happens everywhere. Come on, Terri, you know that. Geez, must I post again about the woman who got malled to death in her very pricey Pacific Heights apartment hallway???

It does, but Caltrain definitely is safer than Bart on any given day. The clientelle is much better, and he’s riding with another classmate, and Caltrain riders tend to have regular trains that they ride on such that there are adults on the train who we know are familiar with these kids and would be more likely intervene if there were an issue. It’s also a much nicer, quieter and smoother commute.

I’m not saying Bart to Fremont is a no-go, but I think it’s reasonable for a kid to be concerned about riding it alone. Do you disagree?

First of all, I should recluse myself since yeah I do not have any munchkins to technically say how I would actually behave as a parent. With that said though, I used to take the public bus system from Chinatown into the Mission for middle school by myself every day for school. Two bus lines to maneuver. Parents had to work. They said essentially, you can handle it. BART to me, during normal business hours, would be ok for kids to take on their own since again usually a lot of adults around to help should something improper happen. Honestly, with that kid that got roughed up, I expect him to do great things in life. It was an unfortunate experience that I hope will strengthen him as opposed to break him down long term.

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Ok. Good to know. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I would think that the busses are more sketchy than bart from what I’ve seen. :confused:

I don’t suppose there’s a Bart police blotter somewhere? Concrete stats might be helpful to alleviate fears.