EarthQuakes/Cracks on road, building structure

Just came across a home low priced. On review, it is affected by Earth Quakes /Cracks on road, building structure.

A nice home, but in wrong location. Review all photos, you will see the issue.

Hmmm, I take it it wasn’t secured to bedrock???:slight_smile::grinning::grin:

Looks like a project not a home…Btw, 99% of houses are built on shallow foundations, not on bedrock…Modern codes encourage drilled piers up to 15’ deep into firm soil, on sloped lots, not necessarily into rock…Flat lots usally are still founded on t footings 18" deep, or slab on grade construction…Most underlying rock in the BA is highly weathered and soft…The Golden Gate bridge is founded on serpentine rock…very soft and slippery. …Serpentine known as the state rock is a weak support for foundations and is know to contain asbestos…
Of course in Cali even a rock is controversial. …lol

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