East Oakland, 87th

8683 Olive Street Oakland

Duplex - no rent control
$320 000 purchase
$64 000 down payment
$1800 payment
$2000 with utilities
$1400 rent each unit

$9600 positive cash flow
15% ROI

Would you buy? Area is too rough for me. Will this area turn around in next 5 yrs?

Looks like fixed upper, what is the cost of bringing the home move in?
Second, the current owner states $18000/year, i.e. $750/month.

40k for rehab. We probably can negotiate on the purchase price as well. Will need to include that and vacancies,etc. Not ready to pull the trigger on this. Very high level estimate.

Sure about that?

Why is there no rent control on an old duplex?

My bad, It is rent controlled, somehow was under that impression. 2 or more prior to 1983.

Too east for me.