Electrician recommendation

Hi Folks,

need recommendation for an electrician that is willing to do work in Sunnyvale. One of my units has lost power for most of the kitchen and parts of the unit. The circuit breaks inside the unit and outside the house are all fine (none have tripped and i have even tried resetting them). No idea what’s wrong. The power receptacles are dead. So need to get who knows this stuff to look at it. The usual person I use usually only does big jobs and it may not be worth his time to bring him to look at this.


Does the kitchen have a GFI outlet that was tripped?

Checked that. The working outlet trips and resets properly. The other outlets don’t let me press down the test or reset buttons. Not sure if that’s the right behavior

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Why don’t you try changing out the circuit breakers even if they look ok.

Your description of the GFCI outlets that aren’t working might indicate a problem with the outlet itself. You could try that with a brand new GFCI outlet at one of the big box stores.

If they have the buttons, they should be pressable.

Call PGE. Maybe a problem with the lines coming in . The third leg may be disconnected and only 110 v coming to the house.

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