Elizbeth Warren is going after Airbnb

She is a voice of darkness…definitely doesn’t believe in property rights…Pocahontas is a communist with a dangerous adgenda.

No surprise there.

But, the public’s acceptance or even nonchalance of this type of intervention from our government at all levels scares the daylights out of me.

I know elt1 you probably aren’t reading the BA newspapers anymore but, have you seen the number of municipalities taking up rent control measures with the upcoming elections? Worse, the number of pols, editorials and reader’s letters that come out in support of these rent controls? Included in the next version of Plan Bay Area are programs to offset “displacement” in the areas like the SF Mission where development is “driving the poor people out”. It’s just not "fair’ that landlords are charging such high rents you know. The free market is evil. Government mandate can overcome it.

It’s scary. Really scary.

If I can’t beat them, I guess I should join them. As I’ve said before, it’s just not “fair” that I can’t afford that Orinda house I so covet. Therefore, the government should step in and “fix” the housing affordability problem in Orinda for me so I can buy there!

Or, that mission furniture shop in your home town is selling that antique Stickley table I love. But, they want a $thousand more than I am willing to pay. That’s “gouging” and isn’t “fair”. We need furniture resale laws to make those antiques more affordable for simple folks like me. It’s only “fair”.

Many people I have presented these same analogies say I’m being unreasonable and extreme. They bolster their argument by saying that affordable rents are a “right” whereas my examples are not.

Like I said, scary. Really scary.

Rent control is property theft…Liberals like Warren are going to get a nut like Trump elected because they are tone deaf to property rights and the burden of taxes on the middle class…The idea that a few long term tenants are a protected class is asinine. …Give legitamely poor renters subsidies. …But many rent control subsidized renters are wealthy living in the most desirable places in the country…

We already do. It’s known commonly as Section 8. It’s subsidized “the poor*” into the suburbs in the last ten or twenty years and created a whole new set of problems.

It’s germane for discussion on a RE forum that focuses on RE investors.

  • There are programs in CC County where they are handing out cell phones to “poor” people. I’ve seen their kiosks set up on the sidewalks on 10th St in Antioch which is now the epitome of “ghettodom”.

If she wants to fix the housing shortage, how about we let developers build more housing? It’s that or population control. Take your pick.

Checkbook liberals have few kids…cant be bothered…to busy with their causes…Immigrants will slowly push them out…look at SF…Someday the Chinese business community will run the silly liberal BOS out of town and sensible conservative politics will return

There is a very active Chinese landlord group on WeChat. They are strongly promoting Scott Wiener for state senate, and they just despise Jane Kim.

We need a center right GOP that’s electable in CA, you know the so-called “socially liberal fiscally conservative” types. Instead we got the crazies who like to regulate bathrooms and build walls.

GOP doesn’t stand a chance in liberal BA…probably need a third party…call it the Sensible Party…the problem is the Dem machine runs unopposed. .hardly democratic