ELON directly Hyping with Investors for $420 ! TSLA going up!

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Wait, that means I’d have to find some other company to invest in after it hit $420. Dog gone it! Which one??? :scream:

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He wants to sell to the Saudis who will kill off the car.

How is he not in trouble with the SEC already?

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The guy is a criminal. He makes Trump look credible

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If TSLA goes down, then lawsuits will be there.

Lawsuits are always inevitable. Aapl, fb, and pretty much every publicly traded company whose stock went down.

Who would finance this? I want to meet this person and pitch them business ideas.

The Saudis want to buy it and bury it in the desert. Like GM did to EV

Have a bridge to sell? Im interested!

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The Saudis want Armco to go public and be a $2trillion company

Jaelous of aapl much? :slight_smile:

Any country relying heavily on oil is destined to fail. We are moving away from that energy source.

Saudis know this they are not that dumb. They are diversifying their money, and first step is to liwuidate aramco

When the Saudis go public they can buy Tesla and a few others. Like FB and shut it down too:sunglasses:

Mr. Wonderful? :joy_cat:

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They have been considering IPO for a longer time.They are paying heavy money to US to keep the US troops in KSA as a security to avoid intruders. In fact, Saudi’s run out of cash and they try to take advantage of US Cash by selling IPO, but delaying it as Under Writers are scary to take up the deal with current situation.

They can not buy TSLA or GM when they go public as lot of EV cars/Van will be on road in both US and China, the biggest consumers.

Cars with 500 miles/charge and more will be available in 5 years.

Gas will be fuel to Air planes, trucks, ship, energy producers, but not for CARs.

I think i will buy some puts before eod…


Is this legal? This could be an insider trading,
stock pumping.

If Elon goes to jail, Tesla going to $150 :joy:

Exactly why i am gonna buy small amount of puts…