Elon Is Def Not Boring, Or Is He?

Can they be used at the border? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Elon should be talking to the Mexican drug cartels… lol

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Come on, not you Elon!!!


The hysteria…right?

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I think he buying a Porsche, too

Dang, pretty cheap for a Porsche, no?

I was waiting for TSLA to hit $300, it is near. I have put a limit order to buy TSLA for $299. I hope that I will hold for long (otherwise, I need to hit my head in wall !).

How about Porsche stock?


P/E ratio
Div yield

But stock seems to have a pattern: bouncing between 35 and 90$

Porsche owns a ton of brands. They won the financial engineering contest in the great recession. They broke the hedge funds thst were shorting it. CNBC has a documentary about it. Hedge funds tries to sue them. They were laughed out of court. The judge ruling was essentially, “you got beat at your own game. Stop being sore losers.”

What should i search for this? It sounds like a very fun thing to read.

Edit: maybe this

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That’s the video.


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“Porsche SE’s attempts to buy VW backfired and pushed it to near-bankruptcy.Instead of buying VW, the company ended up selling its sports car business, Porsche AG, to VW.”

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I have not looked into out of USA stocks (OTCMKTS) except few known companies like BP or DEO etc.

Porsche will have higher Profit Margin, but luxury models. They get higher profit margin as target audience are wealthy group.

I have got some old (2011) document about all autos.

The profit margins for car manufacturing are relatively low, and that is probably why companies like Porche made most of their money via the capital holding company (according to the info posted above). Others made it through financing business.

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