Elon Musk’s Tesla overshot Mars’ orbit and is headed to the asteroid belt


Elon Musk’s Tesla overshot Mars’ orbit and is headed to the asteroid belt


All eyes on Tesla earning now.


Why there’s no crash coming so don’t expect to buy it on the cheap… :rofl:


This gal is even crazier than @wuqijun :smile:


@wuqijun’s initial $50k investment would become $5m then. He needs to mail a $1m check to Uncle Sam with his 1040ES in the quarter he sells.


I smell jealousy and envy from your post (not that @manch was any less jealous or envious based on his :rofl:). If you can’t beat them then join them! Why be bitter??? :rofl:


“Third burn successful. Exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid Belt.”

I really wish I had his ability to spin. Calling it “successful” is pretty inaccurate.


I love that spin… :rofl:


I will set that as my goal: making $5m from a single stock with $50k initial investment. I’ve been trying that, but so far none worked that well. :disappointed_relieved:


Why shoot for the moon? It would be nice to achieve a 100x increase in value but that’s something that 99.99% of the people wouldn’t be able to achieve within their lifetime. However, you don’t need that 100x increase in order to become a multi-millionaire… :wink:


The problem is I do… :disappointed_relieved:


Really… so your net worth is only $50k… ok…


All the profits will be shot into space


I am more inclined to buy Tesla stock after the rocket launch. Elon and Tesla have an undeniable cool factor. Tesla is sexy and GM is just not. Who else can shoot his own car into space with his own rocket? Nobody but Elon.

I may bite the bullet and join @wuqijun. Argh.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: buy buy buy to all your heart’s desire… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So all the analysis on number of cars made and Tesla’s tech etc may be way off mark. Instead we should look at Tesla like LV handbags. LV bags are not 1000x better than walmart stuff but nobody aspire to own Walmart handbags.


It looks like my Tesla 3 is delayed again. Just got this email:
"As we work hard to meet demand, we wanted to let you know that your estimated delivery timing has been adjusted to a slightly later window. "


Same here… it say mine will be delivered in early 2019… delayed by 6-9 months. But I already bought a CR-V so until then… :grin:


Your car was just launched into space


LV actually makes and sells handbags though. Tesla announces products then doesn’t make them. Without making the products, there’s no revenue. That’s why the cash burn is crazy.