Enough of the emotional support dog BS

Whenever a prospective tenant says they have a emotional support dog I see red. The entitlement attitude of these assholes has dire consciences in the real world. I even saw a support pitbull in Carson Costco. NV should know better. Have people forgotten the woman
mauled to death SF in front of her own apartment?

Enough with this bullshit

No more dogs in airports, restaurants, stores, public buildings…

My neighbor volunteers at Barton hospital. A patient came in with a dog that shit all over the hospital. Has common sense gone away. Or are we all supposed to kowtow to animals rights??

Pebbles the suppport hamster was flushed down the toilet by its owner in February 2018 after Spirit Airlines informed the student she could not take the pet with her on the flight from Baltimore. Another man got angry at United Airlines for denying Dexter, his Instagram-famous emotional-support peacock, a seat on the plane from Newark, even though he had purchased a ticket for the bird.

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Pit bull, Rottweiler and Doberman are dangerous. Any such dogs found without the owner holding them i.e. tie to a chair or railings, any1 can kill them. I need to bring a rope with me, so I can strangle them to death or carry a club so I can club them to death or bring a gun so I shoot them, probably gun, safer :slight_smile: I love killing animals :smiling_imp: Btw, how come pit bull is an emotional support dog? Thought only chihuahua are service dogs.

Every millienial has a piti… they love pissing off their parents. Some pits are ok . You just don’t know. The animals don’t bother me as much as the idiot owners. Image kids raised with no boundaries training a dog. They don’t even understand the concept.


Both the parent of the girl and the owner of the dog are at fault.
Many accidents/ bad things happen when the parent went off to do something, without paying full attention to young kids. Read many incidents of young kids run over by cars because parent is looking at stuffs instead of holding the kids’ hand. Even read about kids killed by pigs, yes, pigs.

Chihuahuas are the nastiest little things. The owners rarely correct aggressive behavior, since they think it’s cute their little dog is being aggressive. L


“In sad news, an emotional-support hamster named Pebbles was flushed down the toilet by its owner in February 2018 after Spirit Airlines informed the student she could not take the pet with her on the flight from Baltimore.”

That girl is definitely in need of…emotions…

Seems like it’d be best to issue IDs for real service dogs. Any minor incident gets a hole punched in the ID. Major incident, ID gets taken away. Then you only allow ID’s pets with certified training.

Pets don’t need training as much as owners. Pet ownership should be regulated

LOL. We’re in trouble when you want something regulated.

I vote we deregulate pets and allow hedgehog ownership in CA. Because hey, what kind of state allows you to toke up, but you can’t cuddle a spikey furball?

I am considering getting a tiger :tiger: cub for emotional support :crazy_face:

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Switzerland does this. Also, breeders aren’t allowed to breed more dogs until they have approved owners for a litter. They have zero problems with homeless dogs and no animal shelters.

More power to you. Don’t let it bite.