Every “Unified Republican Government” Ever Has Led to a Financial Crash

In fact, the ONLY 3 PERIODS of extended unified Republican governments going back to 1900 ALL DIRECTLY led to banking crises….Arguably the 3 worst in US History. To be clear, I am defining ‘extended’ unified governments as anytime they control the House, Senate and White house for at least 4 years. This does not include short 2 year stints since it’s hard to screw things up that quick (FYI there was only 1 period of that anyway, 1953-1955). You can look up the periods yourself here and more detail here.

The list of Unified Republican Government crises include the Panic of 1907, The Great Depression, and the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008. Interestingly, the record of extended Republican control of Congress has also only led to crises. There have only been 4 periods of extended Republican control of Congress (3 of which overlap with the periods of full unified control just mentioned). However, the 4th period (I KID YOU NOT) ended in the 2000 DotCom Bust where the Republicans controlled the House and Senate from 1995-2001.


Pray that Dems take back the Congress in 2018. Or else.

Deregulation is cool, until you realize all the guardrails are gone (governments are problems not solutions), you are not wearing a seatbelt (because you no longer have to) and the car has no brake (companies should be free to innovate).

Set your alarm clock to Jan 1 2019. Maybe it’ll be time to sell everything and go all cash.


Deregulation scares the hell out of liberals. .They can’t imagine a world of personal responsibility and innovation unfettered…What a scary idea…Sorry but regulations cost the economy more than taxes and benefit no one but the bureaucrats and the jobs created to tell the rest of us how to act…
I remember a world without seatbelts, helmet laws, airport searches, smoke detectors, speed limits, and a million other slights to my freedom…Sorry but it was a much better world…People were happier, freer, less anxious. .When the government controls every aspect of your life what is the point of living?..We have all become sheep…Plus we can’t possibly survive without breaking these bullshit laws daily…

For the rest of you …make a list of all the restrictions to your freedom that have been enacted in the last 30 years. …

Sorry but the 1920s were a great time to be alive…1995-2001 Was great time also…Looking forward to good times and so is the stock market. .The most miserable time in my life occured during the Carter years…The eighties were fantastic. …Live a little…but watch your investments. …But enjoy the coming boom…


Cuz we all know death is inevitable, in the above world without regulations one will die much earlier

:smile: Just kidding.

I also look forward to the Trump crash, if we were so unlucky to have 4 years of this “Unified Republican Government”. Stocks and houses will be cheap and there will be lots of bargains. Just hope our democracy is strong enough to withstand the gaslighting and our new Russian overlord.

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I dont mind the Darwin award winners. .There are too many people anyway…The rules and regs assume everyone is an idiot. .And guess what due to all the rules and PC crap most people have become idiots…And now they can all smoke pot legally and become dumber every day…Brave New World is already here…

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I like the Trump idea of reducing both personal taxes and corporate taxes. US is one of top taxing country in the world. At least one time, president like Trump has to come and reduce the taxes.

If he seriously make corporate tax to 15%, there is no point for big companies to hoard cash outside of USA, especially with tax haven states. Whatever I understand Rep Congress is trying to accept 20% level, but it may not work as tax haven countries are less than 20%. In this case, Trump is right at keeping it at 15% to bring back cash to USA.

I hope If Trump achieves 70%-80% of assurances, we will have better corporate/business future. Every company is making US as marketing place while keeping cash outside and manufacturing outside to avoid paying heavy corporate taxes.

Some people say there’s a PC culture, which there might be.

However, It’s indeed true that it’s a post fact world nowadays. Facts are most easy to verify today, ironically, if so inclined.

Best way to avoid being a sheep is to verify facts for a start.


Trump will blame it all on HIllary then :slight_smile:

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I am eagerly waiting to see how much he cuts taxes as Rep are famous for cutting taxes.

Trump Economy Crash is inevitable, as FED started rate hike and continue to hike the rate another 6 times. but I do not know how much he is responsible for the crash.

On any case, I feel, he may have better time during his first year, but not the later 3 years as he has to struggle delivering whatever he committed to working class people jobs. Lemme, Wait and see.

Hillary has blamed everything but herself for Trump’s victory. .Problem is the only one who could beat her was her…Trump is arguably the worst winning candidate in US history…That makes Hillary the biggest looser in history…Nobody could believe she would loose. .Now her supporters are in complete denial. .They were overconfident and yet couldn’t even get Bernie supporters to come out for her in the key Midwestern states…

I was resigned to a Hillary victory since 2008…Now everyone is so relieved we aren’t going to have 8 more years of tired failed programs. .Obama was Carter but more liked…We have had it with self denial, sustainability, feeling bad about being American, apologizing…This feels like when Reagan was elected in 1981, except the economy is in better shape, the stock market is booming and interest rates aren’t 18%…The 80s were a great time…Pray these times will be even better…So Trump is an asshole…He is our asshole, so relax and enjoy the ride…


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Every day, there are more people starting to love Trump, even in California. I think people are wise up, media will also have less and less incentive to bad mouth Trump.

Trump is not a traditional politician, actually he was not a politician until a year ago.

Wise and famous Democrats start to tell the general public not to rush to judgement and give the President-elect a chance to do his job. Many fierce critics have changed tone and start looking at his positives, or at least start to be open minded that he could be a successful president. There are still some denials, but it disappears by day.

Election is over, before the next election begins, there is no use to attack.

Just relax, be open minded to allow the new Predisent-elect to do his job. It’s already his job, none of us can have that job for at least 4 years. If Americans love him as another Reagan, he’ll serve 8 years.

I thought that liberals have an open mind, but reality seems to say the opposite.


What manch and many people said about Trump tearing apart the GOP turned out not to be true. Even so, it seems both parties are in need of reforming and renewing.

I don’t think the 80s were so great, and Reaganomics was not for everyone. It is easier for the wealthy to say regulations are not needed when they are the beneficiaries of deregulation. Even though the US has higher tax rates, it ranks [very low on taxes paid]. Corporations are not only avoiding taxes but the high expense of operating in a maturing economy like the US. As RE investors, wouldn’t you say you already have it good?

I for one, still want to see the swampmaster’s tax returns. And a shutdown of his twitter account next time he spouts out anymore garbage.


Yeah, I thought the GOP had higher standard, even though it was plenty low already. Turns out power is more important for them. Should have known.

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Many people also said Trump had no chance to win, but reality is the opposite.

Actually not only regular folks said that. Many mainstream media, some bug eating professor, and most of the ‘wise’ elites, have said that. Possibly some of the elites were seriously believing that Trump had no change to win, though some of them only tried to fool the voters.

Power is the goal of politics so both parties should be similar here :slight_smile:

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To be honest, a billionaire cares a little less about political power than lifetime professional politicians.

I’m worried about politicians whose only job is to be a politician and lives off taxpayer money.

True in general, but there is a base level of decency at least I expected. It’s like everyone likes money, but some people steal while others just put in more hours at work. We can’t say they are similar.

Trump is digging at our institutional wall of democracy. These institutions take centuries to build, and we fought a couple wars with many lives lost. A few percentage points of tax cut is not worth it, even though being a business and land owner I should be one of the biggest beneficiaries.


Trump will face the same pressure other presidents face by such politicians. They won’t accept any proposal unless something they get out of it !