Everything About Australia Real Estate

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or not…


No mass shootings over there. That’s a point on the winning side.

Hahaha… down the drain it goes… unfortunately if global market takes a hit that also means party’s over for Bay Area as well…

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No way!
Everybody is secured with their homes all paid for, to the maximum funded 401Ks, IRAs, oh…wait…:wink:

If people are crying about limiting interest and property tax deduction, then they’d never buy in Australia. You also can’t get a 30-year fixed mortgage. All mortgages are variable rate with a fixed rate term. You’d actually be paying their 30%+ income tax rate.

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My understanding is there are limitations on foreign ownership in Australia…Can only buy new houses I believe.

Under Australia’s foreign investment framework, foreign persons generally need to apply for foreign investment approval before purchasing residential real estate in Australia.

The Government’s policy is to channel foreign investment into new dwellings as this creates additional jobs in the construction industry and helps support economic growth. It can also increase government revenues, in the form of stamp duties and other taxes, and from the overall higher economic growth that flows from additional investment.

Foreign investment applications are therefore generally considered in light of the overarching principle that the proposed investment should increase Australia’s housing stock (be creating at least one new additional dwelling).

Consistent with this aim, different factors apply depending on whether the type of property being acquired will increase the housing stock or whether it is an established dwelling.

It is important that foreign investors understand and comply with Australia’s foreign investment framework as strict criminal and civil penalties may apply for breaches of the law, including disposal

I wouldn’t. Why invest in Australia when there is Vancouver to the north. Much closer to home! And, while we are at it, why invest in a foreign country at all when foreigners are coming in droves to purchase American real estate… :rofl:

Australia is not investable since you can only buy brand new homes in subpar locations most likely

USA is such a big country with superb economy, there’s no burning desire to invest overseas. The major turnoff is the lack of mortgages to foreigners and impossibility of value add fix up

But, there’s a topic on India. Buy there, I believe that if you are an Indian you should love your ex-country. Right?

Wait! Any Indian posting on this forum?

Please raise your hand!

Or, not…

Their Brisbane is about to take off…