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$335/person plus wine, tax and tip. $500/person. I think I would rather fly to Hawaii instead.


I went to atelier Crenn many years ago. It was well worth the $120+ per person I paid back then. Would love to go back, but not at their current tab :frowning:


All you multimillionaires complaining about a few hundred dollars per person for dinner. Please.


You don’t get to be a multimillionaire by spending hundreds per person for dinner on your own dime :sunglasses:

p.s. not saying I am one or do the above


I just knew the MND book has a sequel:

The Next Millionaire Next Door: Enduring Strategies for Building Wealth

The guy actually passed away. His daughter finished the book. Anyone read the new book yet?


How was the first book?


The first book tells you, allegedly, millionaires are mostly penny pinching misers. They drive 15 year old Toyota’s and eat at McDonald’s. :smile:


Manch is saying BAlurker is not the only multimillionaire here, he is one too :joy:


Guess I am not one. I drive a 17 year old Honda and eat McDonald’s


I drive a 5 year old Camry and don’t eat at McDonalds. Need to wait 10 more years and learn to eat at McDonalds :sob:


It is suppose to be billionaire next door.


You could probably own 10 McDonald’s in each city you have a house in


I drive a Honda and just ate at McDonald’s this morning. :smile:


I drive a 10 year old Prius, and I happen to know that through 12/30, McDonald’s has a special - you are allowed to order a McDouble for only $1, once a day. :slight_smile:


Aah, my old boss used to hang out here every day after work. Mr. K, I miss you…



Wow, sneaky… I like…


Costco in Folsom has kiosks ala Mcdonalds now for the food court. Hate it.


Hey, did a fellow sister just get this prominent job???