Everything About Rent Control




I totally agree. If rent increases were closer to inflation it would create a more realistic situation for everyone. A cap of say 4.5% increases a year would still achieve many of the aims.


Permanent rent control is unconstitutional and illegal in the United States.

Rent control is only allowed during emergency situations such as Santa Rosa fire.

Trump needs to ask the Supreme Court to define “emergency” properly. Santa Monica and San Francisco have no legitimate “emergency” so their permanent rent control policy should be ruled unconstitutional and repealed by the court. Trump knows NYC rent control, he should do the right thing to housing market.

It’s ridiculous to declare San Francisco to be in permanent housing “emergency”.


Who said that?


The United States Supreme Court


From Harvard Law Review.

The Supreme Court upheld rent control as “temporary emergency response” to deal with housing shortages after the two world wars.



Again, doesn’t mean squat to us… rent control is in the books, active and thriving (unfortunately if you are an owner)…


The United States Supreme Court


If Trump were able to pick more conservative judges, permanent rent control can be banned. Rent control is only allowed as “temporary emergency response”, SF has made it a permanent policy which has caused great harm to the citizens.

In 2012, Supreme Court was interested in hearing NYC rent control cases, but later decided to no hear. Permanent rent control can be banned in USA by the Supreme Court, but you need to appoint the conservative judges. So property owners should support conservative judges because of rent control.





Landlords can petition White House on unconstitutionality of permanent rent control. Trump has a big mouth and he might as well announce his concern or even opinion on Twitter. That can create a national debate on permmant rent control and force Supreme Court to make a ruling.

Only issue is that this rent control shit only exists in liberal states, most of the conservative congressmen and congresswomen don’t care a bit of the suffering in liberal states.


Please refer to my " Rise Of The Renter Nation" thread… we landlords are a minority and as long as we are viewed as the evil ones, the LANDLORDS, not sure how much traction we get with the Supreme Court. True, if Trump manages to somehow get some pro landlord judges in there before he is ousted, that might help.


Permanent rent control is unconstitutional. But the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The law schools are too liberal already. They know it’s unconstitutional but they just refuse to hear about it and gives no reason.


Trump already has a majority of conservative judges on SCOTUS. Rent control may be undesirable but it is not unconstitutional. It is conservative justices that are upholding it.


Permanent rent control is unconstitutional.

Temporary rent control is only constitutional if it’s a temporary emergency response, as ruled by the supreme count.


Did you even read the link I posted?


Journalists are not Constitional law experts and biased to tenant. Most of the journalists are tenants themselves. We should fire all the journalists and make everyone a part time “journalist”.

Read the link from Havard Law Review instead.



I just got a flier on the door of my rent controlled apartment, in mv, to say no to repealing of rent control.




Large mobile home parks. Preferably in liberals back yards. Build baby build… it is the only capitalist acceptable solution. Unless the state wants to build public housing. And they don’t have the ability to do anything.


How about prefab parks/lots? I still say no one can hold on to empty lots anymore. You either build or the gov’t will build housing on it.