Everything About Rent Control


I hear you, but personally again I want to be fair about it. If it were a true low income’d family, I wouldn’t really be too upset about it. It is the abusers whom I am targeting and the laws should be targeting. If you even out the playing field, the players will know what to do, which means does it now make sense to enter the game (release more housing to the available rental stock) or not.


Trust me - this family is far from low income. One adult member works at an enormous financial services firm. That adult makes plenty of moolah. Coupled with subsidized (rent control) housing costs, this allows the other adult to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle, mixing in creative pursuits, various mind-altering drugs, and the occasional income generating gig. At the same time, the family receives financial aid from the school for their kid, because, on paper, it appears as if they are low income.


Sounds like they are smart people taking advantage of the system. No need to feel injustice over their behavior.


Perhaps, but then people shouldn’t be crying when owners intentionally leave apartments vacant instead of adding them to the rental pool. And if you are questioning if that is really true, yes it is. At our family building in Chinatown, I know of several owners who are purposely leaving places empty despite the rent that they are foregoing since they know how much we are renting our units for.

If renter nation wants to come to the table and have a frank discussion about rent control and what owners want and/or are willing to concede to improve the housing availability situation I am wiling to host…:grinning:


Let’s repeal rent control. This tenant would benefit tremendously

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Go for it. Makes no difference to me as I don’t own multiplexes… :smile:


The above is soooooooo true.
At my project nearby your building, I have two neighboring buildings with a total of 7 residential units among them. 3 units are “owner occupied” and the other 4 units are empty — totally empty — precisely because the owners are afraid that just-cause-eviction + rent control = massive headache.

There is a lot of supply of housing in SF that isn’t even being utilized, because the totally broken policies of excessively-liberal government distorts the market so much. What a waste of resources.


Damn, we probably do know each other…

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I think we need to adequately phrase “rent control”. The term has been hijacked by lefties. Really what we should be calling it is:

"Millennials subsidizing housing welfare for Baby Boomers"

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In case anyone was asleep for 100 years…


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This is really really bad for property rights. They basically applied just-cause-eviction restrictions for ALL rentals (SFHs, townhomes, condos, multi-fam, etc.)

What this effectively means is that it will be impossible to get renters out of a SFH or a condo — you cannot just “not renew the lease.”


Time to get out of all your BA rentals. The fire is spreading.


… which is why costa hawkins (no on prop 10) is important. State Law supercedes municpal law, which, in this case, eliminates rent control for SFH and condos, and therefore rising rent prices can serve as a tool (within reason!) to compel a lessee to vacate.


Costa Hawkins is essential for California to defeat rental communism. Without Costa Hawkins, California will be in much worse shape than Connecticut.

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Save prop 13

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