Everything About Salesforce

Pretty impressive stuff, dear I say it, almost Google-like???

Seriously, how can one not like Benioff? He give so much help the community and his buildings have the coolest HUGE video walls in the lobby. I am amazed someone doesn’t tell him to turn those darn things off to prevent rear enders in traffic…

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Benioff is too overweight for my taste though. His old boss Ellison is in much better shape. But Ellison is a super villain.

I am sooooooooo glad Larry was too cheap to overbid and win out on the Warriors…It sounded like a great idea at the time but for all we know Larry could have turned out to be another Mark Cuban.

After Cuban turned against Trump I have become a Cuban fan. What’s wrong with Cuban?

Cuban won a NBA title with the Mavs. It’s not like he is Sterling with the Clippers.

Agreed, Cuban is not that bad I suppose. I just remember him from Shark Tank and how he can be…

He’s way better than Kevin O’Leary. Robert seems like the best one. I know someone that met him at Cypress Hotel in Cupertino. He was really cool about being recognized from the show and took a selfie with her.

Maybe…if they buy Twitter. Can they beat out Google though???

Wouldn’t it be pretty easy to re-create twitter with 20-30 software engineers? All you’re buying is the existing user-base which is stagnant and not growing.

Ok, start practicing that name… Salesforce Transit Center

Tell that dude to worry about his pathetic bus line and all its ills.

Tell Ms Kim that money talks and her constituents honestly don’t do much for the Fab 7x7…

Salesforce should be getting a ton of love!!!

OMG, how much bigger can Salesforce be down here???

Ok, Salesforce is now the Fab 7x7’s largest private employer…

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Salesforce has always been one of the largest. It was only a matter of time before it surpassed Wells Fargo.

Well it has certainly become fashionable to buy old school media.

Uh, let’s just say Mr. Benioff has too much money to know what to do with it…

Uh, I don’t want the magazine… I really thought you meant that I can buy some time…


Yes, that would be great if you can buy another 20 years to your life Marc…