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How come Marc is so fat?


Come on, if you had tons of money, wouldn’t you be at San Tung everyday too???

Oh, by the way, San Tung is sooooo filthy rich now that they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Unheard of for a Chinese restaurant!!!


Because they are not a chinese restaurant bro.


I knew you were going to say that…

What, the hanging dragon from the ceiling isn’t Chinese enough for you???:grinning:


The next thing you know they are going to close for thanksgiving and Christmas. If they do I need to go there personally and take away their chinese cards! Shameful!


Uh, Thanksgiving I believe they are now closed. In the past, when we were tasked by the siblings to host we would order a huge tray of wings that day to include with the turkey, honey baked ham, sushi and my wife’s curry. I seem to recall finding out that they had planned to close that Thanksgiving so from that point on, no San Tung wings for Thanksgiving!!! Yeah, the guests were upset…


WTF??? I told you they ain’t no chinese!


I suppose it is discriminatory but on the window they had a “help wanted” write-up in chinese that my wife saw. Come on, they serve Tsing Tao beer!!!


Cha-ching hotels, restaurants…


Ok, @harriet, be the first gal to be proposed to at the top of the Salesforce Tower…


Why not pull a CRA, rent the whole thing for a night and have your wedding there?


Actually, Marc should allow it, take the proceeds and donate it to his various charities. Win, win, win!!!


That sounds so lame. How about at the top of Eiffel Tower?


Well just, but if your future hubby wanted to put that money into the rock instead, I don’t think you are going to complain, right???



Feel bad about the cracked column but Salesforce has truly become a force. Thanks, Marc, for another donation to the public schools in the area. Marc simply does not get enough credit for his charity work.


I think Marc gets plenty of credits. But whatever he does feels like a drop in the big SF bucket.


I bet Mr. Facebook gets more shine when maybe he shouldn’t compared to Marc on charity.


That’s becaue Facebook is infinitely better known than Salesforce the company. How many use Facebook? Literally billions of people. How many use Salesforce?


True, but me no use FB. Salesforce I use at work everyday.